Tomorrow’s post and all other posts on this blog.

Tomorrow’s post is going to seem a little crazy to some of you when you first read it. You are going to think I am suggesting that coming over the top is the proper way to swing a golf club.

That is not the case. I am trying to provide an alternative to the monomaniacal culture that is out there in the golf media. All of my posts and videos are intended to provide a different and hopefully simpler way of making you better at golf. More importantly, have fun playing without so many swing thoughts and pursuits of perfection that sidetracked my career.

Read tomorrow’s post with an open mind and just ask yourself if it makes sense. If it does, understand that we all need to throw out all of the complicated concepts we have bought into, just to gain a few more yards on our drives by doing things that don’t make any common sense…even if they do make sense in the laboratory.

As always, it is not my intent to say that all golfers should do everything I say. My intent is to throw my ideas out there, hopefully some of them make sense and make golf more fun and easier to play.



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