It 3:44 AM, I just got home…

and I am going to have to wake up between 6-7 Am to feed my son. The Thursday night poker game just ended 30 minutes ago and I am tired.

It’s a $40 buy in and I got hosed on a two outer for a $300 pot and am still reeling. The flop was A-Q-9. I had pocket queens and flopped a set. My friend raised, I re-raised, he went all in and I called. He turns over A-9. The turn was a blank and he hit the two outer ace on the river (a 9 gives me a higher full house).

Anyway, too tired to think of a good post, but Monday or Tuesday I am going to have a new perception on how to simplify the golf swing. It is basically anti-everything we have been told and I know you guys will enjoy it and it will spark debate.

All I do is use a little bit of logic and common sense and it pretty much flies in the face of all modern golf theory.




  1. Steve Bishop

    Last 3 times I’ve played I didn’t even crack top 3. I usually do great online, but face to face I apparently suck.

  2. Westy

    Did you raise with the pocket queens before the flop? A-9 shouldn’t be calling a healthy pre- flop raise. If he did don’t sweat it you will eventually take his money. Now if you slow played the ladies before the flop you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Even then you made the right play getting all your money in with the best hand, that’s why they call it gambling.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I don’t like slow playing big pairs. Blinds are 1-2 and I raised $9 preflop. He’s a donkey and likes giving bad beats. I do take his money on a regular basis, but there have been some monumental suckouts and this is the latest.

  3. Calvin D

    Comment Please.

    DeFrancesco seems to agree with you on Costis, Miller et al. I’m interested on your take on the head lowering which the analysts seem to think is a fault. Is it something you should try to incorporate?
    If you watch DeFrancesco’s analysis of Mickelson he pulls his head back away from the ball considerably through impact (very weird).

  4. Gunnar

    Lol, nice hand Monte.

    Two days ago I lost a preflop all-in with pocket Aces against AK. Thats poker ;-).

  5. steve lyons

    Best drill so far:



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