Today’s earlier post

is complete hogwash.

…and it seems a few of you caught on.

My point was to illustrate how complicated we make everything in golf. I took one small, simple idea…

“You should have a shorter swing with your wedges than your driver.”

…and I gassed it up with meaningless numbers and circular discussion to make it seem like I had some new and innovative idea (I obviously didn’t try very hard…LOL).

It doesn’t take a physicist to figure out a person who drives it 250 should not hit their wedges as far as a PGA Tour player or a former long drive champion…never mind farther.

Wedges are about controlling spin, trajectory and distance not how far you can hit them. The longer your swing is, the more difficult it is to control these things.




  1. s.

    I don’t get the fascination with how far somebody hits a scoring club. The pros play longer courses than most of us, and their equipment is tuned to that.

    I’d be interested in Monte’s comment on this:

    “The loft of the irons for PGA pros is stronger than the loft for off-the-shelf clubs. Your iron set probably has more loft by almost two club lengths.”

    If true, that would mean Monte’s 165 yard 8-iron, is really my 6-iron.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I actually find the opposite to be true. The off the rack clubs are juiced up in order to be sold as “longer” to the general public.

      Here are my lofts and you will find this is pretty common among Tour players. Especially the longer hitting ones.

      What good does it do me if my 8-iron had 34* loft and I hit it 190+?

      I’d rather have gaps in my shorter irons because they are easier to manipulate yardages.

      After writing what the lofts on my friend’s clubs are, look what I found.


      6-34…my friend’s off the rack Callaway 6 has 28* loft.
      PW-50…same set as above 43*….WHICH IS WHY PEOPLE NEED GAP WEDGES!!!!!!

      • s.


        That means that Tour players are a helluva lot better than I thought…and the general public is more of a spaz.

      • north

        You have hit on why I don’t like the modern golf set.

        My old Golden Ram Tour grinds had a PW @ 50 but
        with my Mizuno MP-57’s the PW is now 47 and I have to buy a gap wedge that doesn’t match the set (I don’t like the gap wedges – their swing weight is too high for the way I want to use the club – 95 to 110 yard pitches). It is hard to find a set with the old lofts.

        grrrr. The changes in club loft is just irritating – I’d like to kick some marketing execs.

  2. Calvin D

    My opinion: If you can’t hit a soft landing five iron in to a flag
    at 150 yards then you can’t really play the game.

    In other words I agree with Mehlhorn who said he could only remember
    a handful of shots that he hit in to greens that were not at least one more club
    than he really needed.

    But then I’m an old guy and old school. 🙂

  3. Michael

    For as much hogwash as that post was, the driver vs wedge swings are spot on about overswinging


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