Tiger is back

Of course with Tiger playing next week, it is the big story. After all these months of practice, he should feel more comfortable with “the swing” he is using.

If it is the same “swing” I saw the last time he played, no amount of practice is going to make that hold up unless he somehow gets his miracle short game back.

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that my opinion on Tiger’s swing is wrong and he is really close and just needs to get in playing shape.

The supposed evidence for this is he is hitting the ball great and just has bad distance control…and is driving it straight on the range, just not on the course yet.

Well, that is the evidence to my point actually.

Tiger is a phenomenal talent and can manipulate the club at impact to hit all kinds of shots.

On the range, he can do it perfectly and square the club and hit irons that look great and drives that look straight. However, once he gets on the course, he has no consistency driving the ball in the fairway and his distance control if off.

Guess what the symptoms are of having a non repeatable swing that is forced to have hand manipulations at impact to square the club?????

Straight drives on the range and pure looking iron shots that turn into missed fairways and bad distance control with irons.

Guess how I know this? Because I have been suffering through this for years, so it is easy for me to recognize.

Let’s take my opinion out of this. Doesn’t it make perfect sense that a guy with Tiger’s talent could have a terrible swing that is out of whack, yet he can manipulate the club to hit a square, straight shot with an iron, but hand manipulations will result in clubs going all different distances?

Tiger not knowing this also leads me to the point that he doesn’t have the knowledge of the swing that the media and golf public assume. Why else would he go to different gurus and move on to completely different swings? It’s not the knee, because none of these swings protect the knee.

Don’t take my word for it. Look at his swing in 2000 and look at it now. Even the untrained eye will tell you what he has now is not a golf swing.

When Thursday rolls around, I honestly hope I see a much improved swing. I could care less about positions, or if his “in swing tilts are perfect,” as one self proclaimed expert said. As I said last week…is the club approaching impact in a repeatable manner? What I have seen of Tiger’s swing in 2010-2011…the answer is “no” so far.

I also just saw something that shows me there is some desperation going on. A video of him pulling his head off the ball ala Duval and Sorenstam. It looked like he laid the sod over the shot he hit.

That is not going to help his issues and I don’t know the course where the Fry’s will be, but there better be the ability to spray it and scramble, or Tiger is in big trouble.

It’s my blog and my opinion. I think Tiger and Foley are grasping at straws. Tiger is great and can score at any time from memory and may throw a low round or two on the board, but he will be up and down this week.

Tiger needs two things. More tilt in the setup and a far less vertical shoulder turn on the downswing. They go hand in hand.

The last I saw of him, his shoulder turn was almost perpendicular to the ground and didn’t level out to the spine until well after impact.

I saw several swings with early extension (goat humping) and that is the mark of a swing that is seriously out of sync.

I will tell you this right now. If I see these same issues, I don’t care if he shoots 22 under, you will all come here Monday and see me say that he still stinks.

If I see a swing with a leveled out shoulder turn, a club square to the spine coming into impact and an in sync golf swing, I don’t care if he shoots 150 and misses the cut, I will come here Monday and tell you he is on his way back and will contend in majors next year.

One tournament in the fall series is completely meaningless to him and his career moving forward. His swing being manageable is what he needs to move forward, so he can work on his short game. He is only playing in this event because it was part of the deal of him playing in the President’s Cup.

Oh, to those who say he shot 62 at his home course in a practice round with a 29…I shot 61 the other day on a course that was hard and I hate (Eagle Glen in Corona, CA)…and I am a chop. Those rounds are meaningless.

Until I see Tiger’s swing hold up on Sunday in a major, he is nowhere close to being back…unfair or not, that is the standard he set for himself and that he set with his play…and anything less means his swing stinks.




  1. cdnmike

    Monte, if you shot 61 at a hard course then why aren’t you playing in more tournaments? You should be trying to Monday qualify for Nationwide tourneys if you are that good.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Because I am still a chop. I am in the same boat I feel Tiger is in. Ability to shoot scores, but without a repeatable swing that will hold up in tournament conditions for 4 days.

      I shot 74 on a fairly easy course 2 days later.

      • cdnmike

        I still think you should be trying to qualify in all tournaments within driving distance. You can only benefit from the tournament conditions.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        mike, you are correct. There is actually a really good reason why I have not, that I will reveal soon enough.

  2. rojoass

    62 in a practice round…………

    tiger may have turned into a range rat. Right now he needs to quit thinking about the cheese & focus on just trying to get outta the trap………..


    • cdnmike

      HA HA HA HA…. Rojass you are SOOOO funny and witty!! You should do standup!!

  3. Wally

    I played Sunday using a Powerbuilt TPS persimmon driver, a Wilson 4250 laminated persimmon 4 Wood, a 17 degree hybrid, 24 degree hybrid, five iron, six iron, gap wedge, a bullseye putter. It was a simply perfect day here in central Florida. I don’t spend much time over the ball, waggle, waggle, forward press, and bang. I played my best golf in twenty years. I couldn’t give a hoot of what my swing looks like, that is all taked care of on the practice range. So my question to you is, why do pro’s have so much trouble playing up to there level?

  4. woody

    …”pulling his head off the ball ala Duval and Sorenstam”
    Both ranked #1 at one time. Maybe “head” isn’t a universal constant.

    “his shoulder turn was almost perpendicular to the ground”
    As I recall, Nicklaus’ “Golf My Way,” had Jack saying that his vertical swing was an asset because it stayed closer to the target line. Whether it was actually vertical-looking…I dunno.

    Tiger has become a poster-child for Swing Crack. I still wanna know who he’s in tune with. His dad? Butch? Hank? Shawn? Until it’s Tiger, there’s a good chance that he will remain far short of his potential.

    Really, he has a huge obstacle to overcome. People expect him to be the Old Tiger. He may never be the Old Tiger again. Let me count the ways…public embarrassment, loss of concentration, expectations of greatness, being an aging athlete, coming back from a serious injury, and Swing Crack.

    The fun for him was winning. No winning, no fun. And that makes it harder and increases the pressure each time he doesn’t produce. Rather than visualizing himself winning, he might be more obsessed with not sucking.

    If I heard that he was spending a lot of time practicing his putting, chipping, and short game, I’d rate his chances higher than after a random no-pressure 29 for 9.

  5. Jason

    To me it looks like Tiger has made the golf ball is target. His target focus should be what he is trying to achieve with each shot. The swing will take care of itself if you have the correct target focus.

  6. Mike H

    Cordevalle will be his playground. He will be able to drive it all over the place and be fine there is not a great deal of trouble off the tee. Very wide fairways. I look for him to do very well.


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