N’Sync Scratch-Fest-Othon

or whatever this first fall season classic is called.

I respect the play of everyone on Tour, but Kevin Na and Ben Crane need to pull the trigger. This slow play thing is getting out of hand. I know Crane is apologetic, but it really steams me when people play slow, almost on purpose and say they don’t care and everyone who doesn’t like it can screw themselves.

It also brings me to how most courses don’t enforce pace of play because they might offend that customer and they might not come back. What about the 150 people in the groups behind that have work to do and families they want to see and don’t want to spend 15 minutes on every tee waiting to hit?

If you are on a two lane road driving under the speed limit and impeding traffic, you get a ticker for that. It only takes one self centered golfer, taking themselves way too seriously to hold up the whole course.

On the Tour, every rule is set in stone to the point that people call violations on themselves. Why is the pace of play rule implemented so leniently? I don’t see Jim Furyk calling a 2-shot penalty on himself for baking off every putt twice.

I know, I know, I am a redundant jerk. Such is life.

Anyway, why is that one rule not enforced with the fervor of every other rule?

Probably because Tiger plays slow, they can’t penalize him and it would be unfair to do it to everyone else.

What can you say about Paul Goydos? He would probably agree with my rant above about slow play. I played with Paul a few times and he is hilarious. He is proof you don’t have to have a perfect move or even a good move to play great golf. As long as you can square the club.

I always like seeing Tim Herron play well. Funny guy, good guy and not the same robot looking dork walking down the fairway with hat pulled down and no personality. Played with him a few times and he was my partner in a shootout. Always enjoyable. Bummer he doubled 16 when he had a shot.

Hunter Haas…71, 61, 72, 64…LOL. Sounds like something I would do.

Here comes Tiger.




  1. SnowDale

    I was a volunteer for the Texas Mid-Am this weekend. They really have attacked slow play in those tournaments. Rules Officials have a chart with the groups playing, and what time they are supposed to finish every hole. They also have out of position rules, like if a group reaches the tee of a par 4, then the group ahead must still be playing on that hole.

    If they are behind their time and out of position, then they get warned, then they get timed. 3 bad times, it’s add 2 strokes.

    Most of the groups I was looking at, were well under their times.

    • rojoass

      Slow play……taser guns on every hole at the local club here.

      Kevin “Na I’m not gonna hit it anytime soon”………He’s a classic example of a pretty good $$$ man on tour in spite of Swingcrack addiction.

      Brandels comments from the booth need to be piped into Tehran & the ayatollah very well may go into exhile……….


  2. woody

    Some Moe Norman history: It seems that the greatest ball-striker of all time played very quickly. Pace-of-play probably had much to do with him going back to Canada.

    Due to play being slow, Moe would clown around with the crowds–play holes backward (wedge, driver), hit drives off Coke bottles (never shattered one)–and that made him very unpopular with the stuffed-shirts who ran the Tour.

    Some leading pros (probably including Hogan) read him the Riot Act…probably why he never came back. In ’59 or ’60 he played 12 Tour events, finished 3rd in New Orleans after leading–he really didn’t care for putting.

    If you watch a Moe Youtube video, he addressed the ball and was into his backswing so fast that it’s almost impossible to freeze a frame of him at address.

  3. Lawrence (parteeboy)

    At last, something we disagree on! I have no shame saying this as I am a very fast player myself. However, I really feel the ire and anger some golfers exhibit in the golf course when they encounter slow play is 1,000 times worse than slow play. When you agree to play a round of golf, you have agreed to put your life on hold and enjoy a round with your buddies. Why ruin the experience for everyone else with all the negative emotions display? We’re not going anywhere else anyway. When I decide to play a round of golf, I devote 5 hours to do so. If I finish in 3 hours because everyone is playing fast or the course is empty that day, then it’s a bonus. I have an extra 3 hours for a good meal or any other pleasant activity. 🙂

    • cdnmike

      I don’t have 5 hours for a round of golf and I do get pissed if ONE group is holding me up. Also, I play worse when I am held up too much.

  4. banner12

    I played with Kevin Na when he was a 16 year old junior and was rated the #1 junior player in the US and he played rather quickly. I guess Father Time slowed him down…

  5. cdnmike

    FYI – Tiger shot 62 on the weekend while practicing including 29 on the back nine.

    Also, I absolutely HATE slow play. I went out the other day and played 18 holes in 1 1/2 hrs when the course was dead. It was a lot of fun.


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