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I still have haters and detractors that call me out over saying Tiger’s swing won’t hold up on weekends at a major. The last two years he is +25 (or something like that) from Friday to Sunday at the majors. It’s not mental, it’s not age…he can win other events where you don’t have to be precise. He is not precise with this swing. I have said for 4 years he wouldn’t win a major and yet people still call me out.

Here is an entertaining take on another issue.





  1. BigBoy.

    Karma is definitely a bitch.

  2. Paul

    If Phil wins two more majors, surely Tiger can double that. It’s all mental and now he is publicly freaking out about inconsistent green speeds. Of course, now the USGA and R&A know this and might mess with him further in future course setups.

    I had a job one where I worked closely with NFL, MLB, PGA players and network executives and talent like Howard Cosell. To a man, they were all self-absorbed, selfish, arrogant jerks, perfect for their professions. Tiger not tipping and treating people poorly doesn’t surprise me.

  3. Robert Evans

    Monte, you’re right about Tiger’s swing.

  4. Calvin

    Woods and McElroy. Angry golf.

  5. Bill

    Great take on Tiger’s swing. When conditions get tough, throw in wind and tight/fast conditions, the new swing doesn’t hold up. Watched a replay of his British Open win at St. Andrews(2000) and the swing was balanced and solid.

  6. IPM

    I don’t think it’s his swing; it’s his strategy. It’s like in football where you build up a lead in the first three quarters and then go into prevent defense in the 4th. Except Tiger isn’t playing aggressive enough to build a lead, then he plays too careful on Sundays. Playing conservative leaves to much space for things to go wrong mentally. I still think it’s mental (except with the driver).

    • JH

      He’s not playing aggressive because he can’t. His length use to be his strength, but now he can’t hit a driver to save his life. He could barely stay on balance when making a full swing, even with a mid iron. Remember the stinger he use to hit? Where is that shot now? His swing no longer look athletic nor dynamic anymore. When has he hit a shot that makes you go wow anymore? Remember that 6 iron out of the bunker at the 2000 Canadian Open? 3 iron at Hazeltine?

  7. Steve

    “I still think it’s mental…” Has 14 majors, needs 5 more = pressure.

  8. golfercraig

    Mental? Here’s a quick way to know who has never played a sport at a level that mattered–they honestly think it’s “mental.” They can’t explain it, so they jump on something that seems to be inarguable. Maybe he should “want it more,” “dig a little deeper,” “give it 110%,” “look inside himself” or any other ridiculous pablum. Mental? Lazy analysis.

  9. Calvin

    Thank you.

    Sorry honey, I need to go to Paris alone and ‘find myself’.

  10. IPM

    Golfercraig if choking isn’t mental, then I don’t know what is. The things you named are not even in the ball park of what “mental” encompasses. Think LeBron James in the NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. Think Furyk a few years back. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have swing issues; he does. I’m saying he can win a major with that swing if he could handle the pressure. The argument could be made that the swing itself is making him a basket case on Sundays, but either way it’s more mental than mechanics.


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