This kind of thing has to stop

“I am unable to swing my driver in a two-plane style, do not seem to have room for it. (Feels awkward) Consequently, I hit irons with two-plane and driver and long fairway woods with single-plane style. Any comments or advice? Am 69 years-old and a 15 index.”

This was posted on a golf message board and my head exploded like the guy in the cult classic movie “Scanners.”

While it seems like I am laughing at the expense of this poor lost soul. I am not. I wanted to fly to his location and help him.

As you all know, this kind of stuff drives me nuts. The golf instruction industry and golf media has sold this methodology to the public. Golf is not alone. Fad diets are just one example of how we are drawn to the miracle and/or quick fix.

Who would you rather play for money, assuming equal skill level.

1. “I try to create space for my hands and arms by having a good setup and getting everything working together.”

2. “I restrict my hip turn making it easier for a one plane takeaway, then I delay the release of accumulators 3 and 4 creating a stable release and hitting a CP draw.”

Yea, me too.

If it doesn’t hurt, feels free and the ball flies straight…do that.




  1. Jake G

    Paralysis through analysis Last sentence is money

    • Ben M

      “…do that”

      According to Monte, there’s a very well-paid instructor-to-the-stars that this is his only advice.

      *waits until student hits one well.

      “you like that?” -yep
      “did it feel good” -yeah
      “…do that”

      I shoulda been an instructor!

  2. Michael C.

    “If it doesn’t hurt, feels free and the ball flies straight….do that”
    Now, there’s some good advice and good foundation to start from.

    I seen that post and I think I know why you didn’t respond. Kudos to you
    for holding your frustration with someone who may be honestly looking
    for help. Thank goodness you have this blog to vent. I don’t know how
    you do it sometimes.

    BTW – My swing feels stupid! I can pick you up at the airport! LMAO!!


    • Paul

      Optimist that I am, I don’t think it will ever stop.
      I have more swing types than Sybil has personalities.
      I really enjoy your vids, I’ve bought every one that has come out.
      However, I just can’t execute them. I think I’ve been snake-bit or something.
      I was thinking of getting help from you online until I saw an example of a student lesson which involved “drawing lines.” I don’t think I can deal with that anymore.
      Do you ever come to the Chicago area and give lessons?

      • Monte Scheinblum

        I was in Chicago in April last year for a 3 day clinic and will be again this year. Probably May.

  3. Devon

    I don’t even know what that guy is saying…


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