My son is overcoming his diabetes

Four months ago my 5 year old son was lying in a hospital bed having lost over 10% of his body weight in 2 days. He was in advanced acedosis from undiagnosed type 1 diabetes. The doctors and nurses said he was braver than all the teenagers who come in.

Today they had a run-a-thon for his school and he ran 36 laps around half a soccer field. The most out of 60 kimdergarteners by 10.

He does his own blood tests and is already starting to give himself his insulin injections.

Just wanted to brag about my boy, as he is an inspiration to all of us and I hope research finds a cure soon.

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  1. Jake G

    That’s awesome Monte. Definitely something to be proud of! He sounds like he does a better job at managing his diabetes than the adults that are calling us out on a regular basis. Really important to stay on top of this and keep it in check. Happy to hear this good news

  2. Mark

    Awesome Monte. So happy to read this great news. Kudos to your son.

  3. Chris

    Terrific story. The resilience of children is an amazing thing.

  4. Rob

    He’s one tough dude!’

  5. Marcus Deckert

    There is nothing more rewarding than watching our kids grow into people we are proud of. Glad to hear he is adapting and seems to be taking it in stride.

  6. Matt

    That’s great news Monte! I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, after losing almost 100 pounds in less than 2 years. It’s a big adjustment but with proper care it is very manageable. Kudos to your son for being a bad ass!

  7. Michael C

    That’s great news. Good for him.

  8. Mike Greene

    Monte…congrats! That’s great news. He’s going to be just fine in this life….

  9. Ryan

    Brave boy. It’s his “new normal” and he’ll be fine. I have a friend with Type 1 who is an IronMan Triathlete and Charlie Kimble races full time in IndyCar (sponsored by Novo Nordisk insulin pen).

  10. John

    Glad to hear he’s doing well with it Monte. Treatments continue to improve for Type One.

  11. Jim McGeer

    Monte – SOunds like you guys have been through quite a scary time. Glad to hear the little guy is doing so well. I had no idea how challenging T1D was until we got to know the family of our 7 year old son’s buddy who has been dealing with this for a couple years now. I came across an interesting video in the NYT recently that may be of interest.I would suggest browsing through the comments people have made in response. Here’s the link:

  12. John

    Wonderful news Monte. Your son sounds like he has an abundance of mental fortitude, intestinal fortitude, what ever you want to call it, he’s strong in the cranial area. That goes a long way in overcoming physical challenges. Best wishes to him and all of your family.

  13. Darrel

    Monte, I can relate and glad your son is adjusting so well. It is truly amazing that the kids diagnosed with this monster can take it in stride and just move on. Even thrive. Sounds like he will be one of the ones that just says “I got this”. My daugher is a ballerina, and diagnosed about 18 months ago just short of her 11th birthday. Given that two doctors completely whiffed on the diagnosis put her in a scary situation. But she took it in stride, dances 20+ hours a week, and in the process has become my hero. Take advantage of all of the technology available like CGMs and pumps when he is eligible. There is a big group on Facebook that is useful and I can answer a lot questions from our experiences if need a place to start.

    Good Luck and keep up the good work little man!

  14. apple

    good luck to your lad!

  15. Parmark

    Sounds like a tough kid – must take after Pops!

  16. Bill B

    Thanks for sharing you have a right to brag that is one very special Boy


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