The wrong things are being stressed in golf instruction

All of you are saying, “No **** Monte, we know you think that already.”

I am finding almost every golfer I deal with “gets it” when I explain proper impact tilt and proper eyeline.

Think about two things. It makes sense that you will swing where your eyes tell you to swing and if they are off, so will the ball flight. The same way the cross hairs in a scope need to be calibrated correctly. Think about the compensations you have to make if a no wind shot misses where the cross hairs are lined up to by 5 yards on a 100 yard shot.

Understanding proper impact tilt and how to create it, basically creates every cliche that people strive for. Lag, shaft lean, inside out, shallow angle of attack, compression, etc.

As far as chipping, in the last month, I have turned 5 people with complete chip yips into decent chippers by explaining two things.

Proper wrist hinge off the ball and how the right elbow chases the belly button.

I say this all the time. The more I learn, the more I realize things I thought were correct were either incorrect, or unimportant.

I literally learn something new every day I am at the course…and what is important becomes a smaller and smaller list.




  1. Darryl

    I gave the impact tilt concept a try during my last two rounds. It is amazing what a difference it made in my ball striking. Hit 11 and 12 greens. Shot 73 and 75. My swing was lost until I tried the tilt. And it lasted more than one round!!

  2. Roy Gilley

    Does the right elbow not chase the belly button on full swings?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes, but it is going to be more a result during a full swing.

  3. woody

    “right-elbow-chase-the-belly-button” works for the same reason that a belly putter works. It takes the arms and shoulders out of the chip.

    If it goes bad, there will be shanks because of “right elbow” beginning to put too much emphasis on right hand.

  4. snaphooker

    Is there a video that explains the tilt?

      • snaphooker

        Awesome! Thanks. Can’t wait to give a try.

  5. Todd

    Hey monte, can you explain a bit about proper eye line and how to achieve it?

  6. stefanbirdie

    I’m a 4 hcp player that played for +20 years and always struggled with rather thin iron shots, hardly any divots and rather powerless shots. Always looking for ways to improve. Found your channel on You Tube, tried the combination of more lift in the backswing and more tilt in the downswing. What a difference! Thanks Monte!

  7. Tom McNamara

    I’m finally back to the island late last night and going to review the videos, my notes from the lessons and go hit some balls. Start with chips, pitches, 7 iron and through just like the lessons. I will let you know in a few weeks how things are working out, but I’m really excited!


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