Restrict hip turn has replaced hold the lag

When I became active in golf instruction on the Internet, “hold the lag” was a disease. Actually, it was an epidemic. It seemed every thread on every message board were questions about how to get lag, and answers on how to hold it.

I can safely say I was a major contributor to this dying down.

The new epidemic is restricting the hip turn. Almost every video I see has some sort of hip restriction.

The reply is almost always x-factor or coil.

My answer is stuck and lower back injury.

I know I have ranted about this before, but can we stop all of these forced actions?

Show me a great player, or even decent player who did this. Greg Norman did it some, but what’s the deal with all of these cockamamie movements that great players thought history have avoided?




  1. woody

    “what’s the deal with all of these cockamamie movements”?

    –$$$ (DVD’s, magazine articles, media jobs requiring sound-bites) and high-speed photography and video to be misinterpreted.

    Here’s something to do. Pick a player at random, with a slo-mo DTL video. I picked Colsaerts. It helps if they’re not wearing black pants because you want to see their back pocket.

    Put your cursor on his butt or back pocket as the video goes into the backswing. (0:22) Colsaerts

    Most of the time, you see the right bun moving, to make room for the left leg, so the back can turn. Left leg doesn’t move, back can’t turn.

    Will this also work with Oosthuizen? Yup. (0:42) Oosthuizen

    I don’t think it would be a bad idea to do what they do: NOT restrict the hips. The right bun only turns as far as it has to turn. Balance imposes a natural limit.

    Take a look at Tiger in #2:

    Did his right bun (a hip rotator) turn? Did his left knee break back in front? Did his back turn? I’d say so. Maybe someone can tell me a better way. And tell Tiger, Colsaerts, and Oosthuizen too.

  2. fishmatics

    Hi Monte

    Long time reader first time poster.

    You mention Greg Norman….in his golf book he mentions that his swing thought for an extra long drive is “right pocket back” which would indicate that he wants to ensure that he has a full hip turn. Exactly what you are advocating,,,love your work Monte!

  3. Calvin

    Excellent. To me hip turn and hip movement are the keys to the golf swing.
    The right hip has to get out of the way on the backswing. From there it cannot
    move away from the target or swing out to the ball. It can only move a tad toward
    the target but it must do just that while the pelvis turns to face the target. If you can
    do that you can get away with a lot of weird stuff.


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