The Swiss Classic

of New Orleans.

I could pontificate about another golfer calling a penalty on himself and how much I admire this part of the game and the people who conduct themselves this way, but as usual…I am going to go in a different direction.

We see all sorts of anal, ridiculous rules that are enforced to the letter of the law…and all of the rules of golf are enforced to a degree that defies logic sometimes.

Then how come there is one rule that is not only enforced leniently, but often, not enforced at all?

I don’t see Ben Krane, Kevin Na, JB Holmes and Jim Furyk calling two stroke penalties on themselves for excessive slow play.

Honestly, I think that is the biggest issue affecting the game today. Pace of play…and if Tour players are going to continue to take all day to line up a 3-footer, so will your average “scratch” am…and by scratch, I mean the ones taking themselves too seriously and creating 6 hour rounds.

I love the 18th on this course. It’s scary, but you can make an eagle. 18 on The Palmer at PGA West (my old home course) was the same kind of hole…reminds us all of 18 at Pebble. A great hole where there can be a 4 shot swing.

A perfect finishing hole and a perfect playoff hole.

Had Bubba been a little sharper within 50 yards, he might have take this in regulation.

Those were two very nervous putts on the 72nd hole and a great second shot on the 2nd playoff hole.




  1. Wally

    Good man stupid rule. Webb, we are proud of you.

  2. woody

    Nit-picking over stupid rules is another cause of delay. The PGA Tour, with lots of cameras around, needs its own rules variations. Situations that might be ambiguous in a club situation can be resolved with instant replay.

    The baseball major leagues can’t use an aluminum bat. Are 3-point lines the same in the NBA and college? The NFL changes rules all the time without having them applied to high school and college.

  3. meateater

    Good post Monte and good comments guys.

    The old school farts that control golf glory in these nitpicking rules that no one observes in real life. Change the stupid rules. Life will go on. It’s idiotic that a player is penalized for the ball moving on the green when he hasn’t touched it. In the rough, ok, maybe, but not on the green. Now everyone will take another 5 minutes carefully marking two footers. Just what we needed.

    Here’s another one that some courses already do as a local rule. OB is treated as a lateral hazard. On most public courses, the easiest way to start a fight is to return to the tee with a foursome waiting because you hit your 200 yard drive OB.

    I agree with Jack that the Tour should mandate use of one ball, which they control, or maybe do it like Formula One racing, have a spin ball and a low spin ball and let the player choose. By controlling hte ball, they control distance and prevent revered courses becoming obsolete.

    I hate the fact that Tour events now have no rough. Isn’t the idea of having a fairway to penalize you if you miss it? Bubba was hitting 240 yard irons out of the “rough” on 18. Shouldn;t happen.

    Finally, Monte, pleae keep up the attacks on slow play. The Tour is ruining golf, not only as a TV sport, but for all of us with its acceptance of ever longer rounds. The powers-that-be keep wondering how to increase onterest in playing golf. Well, for most of us who don’t live on a course, playing a round is now an all-day event, once you factor in drive time, dealing with the pro shop, the range, the starter and the endless delays. Who has time for that?

  4. Calvin D

    Off point but I was struck by the similarity between the swings of Simpson and Schwartzel. Rotating shoulders and arms with restricted hips. Is this some new thing?

    I was more interested in the relief from the sprinkler head (a playable ball) than the moving ball penalty. Most People would have been so glad the sprinkler kept them from going down slope they would have happily played the shot as it lay.

    • woody

      D.L III got mad and whacked a sprinkler head with a club, causing a minor flood.

      I didn’t see this latest sprinkler head incident, but after seeing what Davis did, I’d never play a ball from a sprinkler head. at about 2:08

      • Calvin D

        Me either but it wasn’t on the sprinkler head it was behind it.


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