The shortest round of golf ever.

In 1994 I was having a good early season on the Nationwide (then Nike) Tour. I had no status as I had missed at the second stage of Q-school, so if I wanted to get into a tournament, I had to finish top 25 the previous week, or qualify.

At the time, if you reached the money total the 50th money winner from the previous year had, you gained a conditional space available membership. That would then go into the reshuffle and get you in according to the money list…which would pretty much get you in every tournament the rest of the year.

I was nearing this amount in the early summer, so I was going to every Monday qualifier to give myself more chances. I was also being offered lucrative outings for long drive and trick shot shows.

One week I was paid an exorbitant amount of money to do an outing all day Sunday and I had a 7 Am tee time 1000 miles away the next morning. I did the outing and caught the last flight to the hub of a major airline. 2 delays and a canceled flight later I arrived at my destination at 5 AM…and I don’t sleep on airplanes…nor do I play well on no sleep.

I had just enough time to get my rental car, drive to my hotel, take a shower, drive to the course and warm up for 15 minutes.

I proceeded to snap hook 4 straight drives out of bounds, went back to my hotel and slept till the next morning.



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