Tiger, after throwing his club in the swamp, was heard yelling this to himself on Friday. See folks, even the best player in the world has this issue.

His blocks and hooks are coming from being underneath the plane when he is releasing the club too late. Just as I described last week in the posts and videos about what happens when you don’t start the release soon enough.

Tiger needs to take advantage of this releasing of the club earlier, especially with a diving head and high club head speed, which extenuates the club being late.

Still working on that myself. Decided to skip Q-school this year, after several feeble attempts the last 5 years, to really get the timing of this earlier release linked up with my turn. I think this will allow me one last run at becoming a good golfer…instead of just a long hitter who plays good golf sometimes.

The release is the key….once you have balance…which I do. 🙂




  1. Smitty

    It really works, after a bad swing on the 3rd hole because I did not release, it kicked in for me. Had 5 birdies and shot my first round at par, 71 at Rancho. As exciting as it is to shot par, I know if I can get better at chipping,I can go under par. Your video really helped. Thank you again.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      smitty, I will let you in on another little secret. It works on chipping too. As a matter of fact, a slow constant release is even more important on chipping and pitching in order to control spin and ball flight.

  2. Smitty

    Thank you, I’ll practice that this week. It is difficult if not impossible to get better if you practice incorrectly.


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