I think you are going to really enjoy the blog during the next two weeks.

As some of you know, not only was I a long drive champion, but I also had a few good runs at the Q-school and almost won on the Nationwide Tour a few times. So I actually know how to play golf, as well as hit it far.

Each day, starting tomorrow, I am going to run through the bag and go over all of the things I find important in hitting each segment of the bag. I am going to divide the bag into driver, woods and hybrids, long irons, mid irons, short irons, wedges and putter. In addition, I am going to add segments on punching out of the trees, knock down shots, working the ball both ways, pitching, specialty chips (like bump and runs), sand play, putting under pressure, etc.

I am not only going to go over the physical aspects like balance, rhythm, setup and swing thoughts, but also the mental aspects that led to my successes. Like what I was thinking when I hit my winning drive at the Nationals and what approach I took on an eagle putt on the 72 hole at the first stage of q-school…that I need to make or I wouldn’t move on.

…and what I was lacking during my many failures.




  1. Banner 12

    Taking a run at Q-School this year?

  2. Monte Scheinblum

    No, taking this year off to get my swing back in order. Been out of order for a while.

  3. Carrera

    Cool — looking forward to the series.


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