You ever anticipate something your whole life, you finally get it and it was anticlimactic, or even a disappointment.

This was not the case. Even though The Masters is my favorite tournament, The Old Course has a special place in my heart for more reasons than can be written.

The home of golf and golf was played there before my homeland was even a country. Make fun if you will, but the sentiment of being there overwhelmed me to the point I had to fight back the tears on the first tee and coming up 17 and 18.

It was a beautiful sunny day for the first 12-13 holes but the wind blew HARD all day.

I hit it over the green on the 374 yard 6th, yet hit Driver, full wedge in to the 316 yard 9th, then 3-wood 30 yards over the green on the 318 yard 10th. On the 523 yard 14th, I killed a driver, 3 wood and barely got over the hell bunker and had 115 left and hit 9-iron.

On the road hole I bombed driver and hit 2 iron on the road…..then birdied 18 and got a golf club from some passers by.

I wonder how Chekhov would have viewed this day?

You can view some magical photos on my twitter.





  1. Jake G

    What an incredible experience. Inspired to get over there myself sometime and check that one off the bucket list. Happy for you as you have worked hard to make it happen

  2. Andrew Tyler

    Sounds, looks awesome. Use a caddy?

  3. oldschoolrocker

    Thanks for taking the time to keep up the social media aspect of your trip. I have been there on business and never had the time to play, but, certainly on bucket list. One of the greatest experiences of my life was getting lost in Scotland and just saying heck with it and staying a couple of days at a B&B I found. I don’t think they had seen a Yank in years. Was great fun.
    I never did find any good BBQ, but, the Fish and Chips were awesome.

  4. kenny

    Glad you enjoyed it

    I think your experience is pretty typical of visitors especially from the USA. You might not be sure how you will react and probably prefer Pebble, then you arrive and you are surrounded and stood in the middle of golf history, it is like going back in time and watching the big bang, everyone needs to come to Scotland one time.

    Custom trips can be arranged, please email fully bespoke itineraries

    HOpe you checked out Edinburgh too, its way better than Dundee!

    thank you

  5. John Brown

    Good for you. I was in Scotland in 2006 on business and passed up on staying and playing the old course at the end of the trip, “business comes first”. I’ve kicked myself ever since. I did get to play a links course, Glasgow Gailes Links, while I was there.

    However, may never get back to experience what you felt. I am happy for you.

  6. Paul Kraus

    Really pleased you got there and had a great experience. Well deserved.

  7. Roddy Spence

    You’re forgetting the fact you hit sand wedge into the par 5 5th for your second shot!!
    Also not mentioned a certain someone blasted it past you on 18…. ?
    You did make a sweet birdie to be fair though!!

    • Gregor Spence

      My favourite moment was still the look of dejection on the caddies face when he tried to persuade Monte to hit something other than driver on the 4th tee. Was even better when Monte smoked it up the middle of the fairway throat! It was like when the doctor tries to tell Happy Gilmore to stay of his feet for a few days “fine, what do I know!?”

      Hearing great things about the clinic today as well Monte. Sorry I couldn’t make it this time.

  8. Woody

    Totally understand. The first time I walked down Washington and turned down Magnolia Lane and the beauty, history and expanse of Augusta National Golf Club openend up before my eyes I was in awe and cried like a baby. Oh what a memory that did not disappoint or fall short of the expectations. Amen is not only a corner. Enjoy!

  9. Calvin

    Old Tom, young Tom, Harry, Bobby, Bobby L, Ben, Jack, Tom and Monte. Pinch yourself.

  10. games

    Monte, how was your interaction with your caddie?

  11. Ira


  12. David Edwards

    So pleased you loved it Monte. It’s a magical place. The turning of the tides makes it a fickle place with swirling winds. I played there for my 40th birthday. Back to back birdies on 9 and 10 are my lasting memories. As I discovered, put it in a bunker and double (wig) or triple bogey (strath) beckons. Played with an American father and son who tried to play darts using a new Bushnell laser finder (it was 2002), my caddie called the exact yardages before they lasered them. They couldn’t believe it when a lob wedge from 75 yards bounced 50 yards over the green on three. When I hit 7 iron from 90 yards on 15 they thought I was mad, except I hit it to 3 foot for birdie. The best part was dad finally holing a long putt on 11 and saying “at LAST you give me the right line”. His caddie whispers to me as we walk off the green, “at LAST you hit the damn thing on the right line laddie, but only because you missed the centre of the putter by nearly two inches…” Genius.


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