The Next Golf Channel Instructor…

I am going to sell my soul to the devil, so to speak, and enter this contest.

I would appreciate two things from all of you.

1. Tell me what concepts and ideas I should include in my 7-10 minute video and 60-90 second “web tip.” In other words, which are your favorites and have been the most helpful.

2. If I make the finals, tell everyone you know to vote for me 😀




  1. Peter B

    That is easy, bring them the message of keeping your motion in your physical possible range. Make a combination video of the ball on the stick movie as the basic movement with arm lifting and under the plane, then the make radius stuff and then the lagholder things. That is the essence of your teaching. Maybe you could wear cargo shorts to be special and state that you are the longpimp of 97.

    your welcome 🙂

    • Doug

      The good old “swinging the bucket of water ” is still one of the best thoughts to swing in cinc an release. For a “shorty” the putter chip’ is something I have only seen you do and it works. Good luck.

  2. michael

    Plane and release by feel.

  3. Calvin D

    OK Monte, use something from all the leading “instructors”: McLean keeps pointing his finger at the camera like we are bad bad students, Leadbetter has his hands all over some poor student “Did you feel that Dennis? bend over a little more?”, Armstrong has umbrellas and buckets and pool cues, Wilson has iron Byron, Harmon is so stuffed he looks like a hand puppet.

    So, learn to point, grope, umbralate, imulate machines, and start immediately to over-eat for that trussed bird look and you have it made.

    Kidding of course. You are a natural teacher Monte, so just be that. If not for golf I see you teaching or coaching some sport. I would start with some current footage of you striping balls; that would be unique among instructors.

  4. smittygolf

    Release early has helped me the most and been your calling card. That makes you unique on the Golf Channel which should help. The cargo shorts are your call 🙂

  5. Walter

    Be yourself, if they don’t like shame on them.
    Keep it simple

  6. James

    Right on! You’re not selling out btw, unless you start hawking swing jackets and medicus drivers on late night infomericals.

    I’d say stick with what you’re best at, keeping things simple without the need for ‘training devices’. I like your thoughts on abandoning the golf cliches and simply learning how to play the game and how to score. The topics that have helped me the most are the plane & release video, the shoulder turn angles video, and your posts about keeping the club in front of your body.

    Best of luck to you.

  7. s.

    Just like Moe Norman said, everything turns together. This is your trademark, not purposely trying to make a separate upper & lower body move. This particular video might have to be re-cut because it names Jim MacLean, and I know they’re not looking for instructors picking on each other (even if it is deserved).

    Everything turns in sync

  8. Paul

    The video on plane and release and closing the window.

  9. Hank

    after finding your site and watched your tips, golf has become my friend again, with that being said, i would hate to see you go on the golf channel. your a natural at this and im afraid of what they might turn you into….i wish you the best at whatever you do

  10. Eric D

    The plane and release, turning the shoulder on plane, and everything starts down together have all helped me tremendously.

    Good luck, Monte!

  11. Mike Z

    The producers are probably more interested in casting a TV show than actually finding the best instructor, so it is important to stand out against the field rather than have the best tips. Making sure they know you are a long-drive champ and former professional player won’t hurt (seriously, they’d be crazy to not have a long-drive guy in their cast). The tips themselves are not as important and how you communicate them on camera. Form is more important than content. Any of your video “tips” would work fine, so spend your time carefully honing how you communicate them and letting your personality come through rather than choosing what “tip” is most valuable.

    An underrated aspect of reality TV casting is that you should create an identity as a candidate for the show. You will have to determine this identity on your own, but I see you as a guy that wants to help people have more fun and shoot better scores by swinging within their limitations and understanding how to play the game. Maybe create a sort of tagline that you open and close your audition tape with that encapsulates this idea. Your approach on this site is potentially a great way to differentiate yourself from golf swing technicians, and I think it would resonate strongly with a broader TV audience.

  12. Hank

    i agree with mike z, plus it wont be as easy to contact monte as it is now….does it sound like im whinning????…lol

  13. kbp

    I agree with the comments to use your most popular video topics like “Plane and Release By Feel ” etc.. Obviously reshoot to suit the format.

    Style and presence will be as big a factor in the selection as the actual instructional information, IMO. I think you could build something around being “anti-cliche” and like that.. Most importantly, IMO, you MUST include one or two of your “road” stories from back in the day. You have That really could make the difference.

    Good luck.

  14. Matt A

    No Worries Monte. I’ll give you a vote

  15. Bob


    Push the long drive aspect, as that would definitely grab their attention, esecially with you not being 6’8″ or 340 pounds. Another good idea is to open your video with you on the range as usual in a tee shiirt and the infamous cargo shorts. About a minute of acutal footage of you ripping some balls on the range would help, and then perhaps go into a range version of the “release on plane” or close the window topics to help someone out at the range. Having that someone be some SoCal eye candy would not hurt your chances any either, IMO. As long as Mrs. Monte is OK with it. Good luck!

  16. BruinMel

    Dress better. 😉


  17. hackgolfer

    Lead off with how you can fix Tiger Woods’ swing….and go from there?

    • matt

      Tiger?!? Heck lead off with how you can fix my swing…that feat will really impress the panel 🙂

  18. Brian

    They’re going to make you buy a new outfit.

    Haha, but really, I think your easy-going personality and golf-instruction-rebel mentality are definitely your strong suits and should put you ahead of the competition, “longpimp” credentials notwithstanding. So be yourself.

    I second the recommendations to give them a version of the “plane and release by feel” video. That’s the one that made me take these videos seriously.

    Down with the super in-to-out leakage hookers!!!

  19. Der Exilgolfer

    Keep it simple. Focus on the big thing and don’t get lost in details.
    If you do that, you have my vote. Looking forward to the video.

  20. Brett Picotte

    When I played a round with Monte a week and half ago (before caddying for him the next day), he took me aside after the round. He said, “Your swing is good, your tempo is good … Your release is HORRIBLE!” Then, he worked with me for half an hour. It was priceless.

    Naturally, I’ve worked very hard to correct this. I’m very happy that I asked Monte to show me his grip. That was the key.

    I wrote this to Monte today, and he asked me to post it:

    Hi Monte:

    I’ve hit a lot of balls since our time together. The last two times at the
    driving range (including this morning), I hit the ball better than I’ve ever hit
    it. That includes chips and pitches.

    It appears my release problem was all in my grip. I’m glad I asked you about
    your grip, because that was the key. My left hand is fairly neutral now with my
    thumb on top. It allows me to release without even thinking about it on full
    and half shots. For my chips and pitches, I intentionally open the face more
    going back, and I seem to be deadly accurate with great contact (even taking a
    small divot).

    Is it really possible that it was this simple?

    As a test, do you have trouble releasing the club if you take a strong grip on
    the club? Just curious. I had a strong grip when we played.

    Also, I should mention that if I try to release it more with a full shot, I hit
    a big hook.

    Thanks again. Maybe I should be on your golf channel show as a before and
    after. (kidding).


  21. Bob


    Have you sent your videos in to the Golf Channel? People are voting right now.



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