My open window was exposed yesterday

I have said for a while that I am a bit trapped in between my new simple swing and my old, more established, cliche and fad ridden swing that was grossly inconsistent.

In addition, I have said that in between shots and shots that don’t fit my eye bring out the old swing…as old bad habits will rear their ugly head under pressure and discomfort with a shot.

To digress a moment, my father-in-law is one of the most positive people I have ever met. I call him the American Male Mary Poppins. The worst thing I ever heard him say about someone was he called someone “unprofessional,” referring to a marshal that was a complete ass to us at Harding Park in San Francisco. He loves everything about golf and finds beauty in every hole he plays no matter how stupid the hole it is.

Yesterday we played a course that neither one of us had played in 10 years and we regretted our bad memories. He used the F-word several times when defaming some of the holes on this course. Finally, on 16, he said this was the worst course he had ever played.

I like to offer my opinions on golf course design, having nothing to do with having to play the course in front of you during a tournament. I don’t have to play this course in a tournament, so I will say…they should do the opposite to Hidden Valley Golf Club in Norco, CA that they did to industry Hills Golf Club in the City of Industry.

At Industry Hills, they turned a landfill into a golf course.

Anyway, on to me being exposed. I have been working hard to simplify my swing and get “unstuck.” I have been teetering back and forth. Today on a course where every single shot, especially off the tee, is so unpleasing to look at, I was never comfortable to hit any shot. When you stand on #9 at Pebble, it is a difficult tee shot, but they way it was designed, it just invites you visually to stripe it down the middle with a little cut off the bunker.

Most of the shots at Hidden Valley, invite you to steer the ball as the fear of hitting it the way you want and losing your ball enters your mind by the 5th or 6th hole.

OK, now on to the important issue. I found today that I needed to take drastic measures to get my swing out from under the plane so I can contend with abominations like this, as the course shouldn’t matter to a player at my skill level.

It finally dawned on me that I really needed to get that window closed a lot quicker. I did and I played the last 5 holes (some of the worst on the course), 4 under.

Whoever told me a few weeks ago to play courses that I hated and made me uncomfortable, had the right idea.

The point of all of this…being under the plane stinks and all of this anti over the top and lag culture we live in has us all under the plane. I don’t care if Peter Kostis gets me on swing vision and says I would have made the Tour sooner if I wasn’t so steep/over the top, etc…I am tired of being stuck and being an underachiever.

WOW…That felt really good…now I just need to start shooting low again, so Peter Kostis can make fun of my swing and I can give him a metaphorical wedgie in the press room.




  1. Brett Picotte

    “Close the window.” “Close the window.” “Close the window.”

    I’m practicing. 🙂

  2. Walter


    Peter Kostis would say that that the late great Bobby Jones had an over the top swing. Monty, find some place where you can shag balls from really crappy lies. Stop worrying about your swing. After all, the best Garage is only as good as it’s worst mechanic. If Harry Vardin were alive today what would the “EXPERTS’ say about his swing. You have the stuff stop thinking and let it happen.


    • Monte Scheinblum

      Peter Kostis just ripped Bryce Molder’s swing for being a degree over the top a few weeks ago. He is not a smart man.

      I will stop thinking about it and let it happen, but after listening to EXPERTS for the better part of the last 15 years, I am not in a place where I can just let it happen or I hit it crooked.

      Someone who walks with a limp must retrain their body to walk naturally.

  3. Paul

    So you are saying to close the window quicker, maybe not gradually? You said yesterday in your reply to me that closing quicker would make the window stay open longer. Sounds like the key is of course, releasing and pivoting properly.

    Yesterday I was chipping, and closed the windows and results were great–much crisper and truer flying shots. This is going to be very interesting at the range.

    Thanks, again.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      When I said I need to close the window quicker, I meant I need to start the gradual closing sooner.

  4. Brian

    I’m with you, Monte! Played it once and definetely not worth the hour+ drive from Pasadena. It’s a perfect tutorial on “How to cram 18 holes into land unsuited for building more houses on.”

  5. S.

    You say, “I have been working hard to simplify my swing and get ‘unstuck.’ ”

    I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I once heard a TV commentator say that the golf swing is just 2 turns and a swish.

    What I found myself doing was turning to the finish “position,” rather to impact. I was over-turning–and, that required perfect timing to get the swing (swish) coordinated with the turn. If you’re late with the swish, maybe that’s what you call “stuck.”

    I like it better thinking about turning just to impact…and letting the momentum of the swing turn me to the finish.

    (But that means I can’t pose because the finish is just a result, not something I tried to do.)

  6. James H

    Apparently not even Tiger can figure out how to get “un-stuck”, maybe it’s not the easiest thing to cure. What would you say to Tiger to help him? Almost felt bad for the guy today.

  7. ringerdaman

    All that OTT is really, is tilting the swing to the left. If a player lines up a hair more to the right, then that alone compensates for the re-direct of the plane.

    There are lots of ways to make adjustments, sometimes though professionals want to re-renovate a students swing instead of offering a simple solution.

  8. s.

    James, Tiger can figure it out–he just doesn’t like that particular drill. No pain, no gain.



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