Close the Open Window

We live in a state of fear of over the top. It has been in place for years and it has caused an even worse problem. Getting way under the plane, releasing too late, etc.

When you fear OTT too much, you end up doing artificial things to your swing that leave what I call an open window. The video below will explain and how you need to close the window to hit down and through the ball and hit solid shots.




  1. Paul

    Monte–I’ve never heard it put this way–just brilliant. Is it a sense that the right arm is coming closer to the left arm? Also, I got hung up on the word, “gradually.” If I’m trying to increase clubhead speed, would the window closer quicker?

    You’ve really helped my game and how I approach golf. Thanks for all your hard work and passion for the game.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      More speed will make the window stay open longer if you aren’t releasing and turning properly…like me.

  2. banchiline

    Beautiful Monte. Great visual . Well Done !

    Keep arms in front & close the window . I love it………& I hate flies .

  3. seveonsunday

    oh boy! I wish this was posted like 5 years ago!


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