High and Low Hands

This relates to the only important position in the golf swing…Impact.

People talk ad nauseum about widening the swing arc on the backswing and at the top, but no one talks about getting it wide at impact. The lower your hands, the wider it is at impact.

Of course you don’t want to dive to get low hands ala Tiger Woods. I like the way JB Holmes does it.

People don’t like to get their hands extended, or low because they are afraid of hitting it fat. Fact is if you protect against this you can hit fat and thin shots.

Here is a video explaining this concept a bit. Like most things, don’t try and over do it, it’s just another way to look at proper release and allowing centrifugal force to get your arms extended through and after impact.





  1. Kirk

    Very helpful post, Monte!

    Maybe one more way that one can have “high hands” is by too flat of a shoulder rotation on the downswing (one that I can have problems with until I recognize it and reel myself in). For me, it’s a combo of too flat a shoulder turn and spinning my shoulders to make my weight shift. If everything else pretty much stays the same early in the downswing, and my right shoulder goes TOWARD the ball (instead of staying square nearing impact), my hands never have a chance of getting down where they ought to be. Therefore, I’m over the top, and the hands have to take over to save the shot — and it never woks out well. With the driver, this is almost always a weak snap left off of the bottom portion of the heel. Literally, my hands come in way too high and too close to the ball, hence the really low-and-inside clubface impact.

    Thanks for the great info, Monte.

  2. Walter

    This comment has nothing to do with this post, but I have to sound off anyway. This morning I was on the driving range hitting about ninety ball ( right now the temp. in almost ninety) and this fellow says he and help me with my swing (he said he was a fomer teaching pro).. I didn’t ask for help, so he tells me I could get more distance if I kept my left arm straight through contact. So I tell him I have never been able to straighten my left arn since 1966 when I feel off a ladder duning a hurricane at sea while I was n the Navy. I never filed for disability, I got an inside job withn the phone company. Anyway, I was hitting balls pretty well with all my clubs, even with my crappy looking swing. So my question to you is why do EX PRO’S feel the need to bother mortals like me?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s not just ex-pros. basically, everyone knows everything about the golf swing. 😀

      Yesterday I saw two guys with the worst setups I have ever seen talking about plane, arc, lag and face angle. Neither of them could get it airborne.

  3. Walter

    Thanks, you’re the best and good luck

  4. jp

    Monte, you should have a reality show. “Monte’s Quest: A mans journey to the PGA Tour.” I think it would be a big hit. It would focus on you your Tour goals as well as your opinions on the golf industry. I think people would really like it. You could have guest stars/characters (Fairlee). I need more Monte!


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