The New Groove Rule

In case you guys were wondering, I have no problem with the rule. It probably helps me out a great deal because I put a lot of spin on the ball. If it were up to me, the PGA Tour could go back to steel shafts persimmon woods, all muscle backed irons and heel shafted putters with a sweet spot the size of a pin head.

What is sad is there kind of has to be one set of rules for everyone…eventually or else there is a breakdown in competition at some point. I don’t know where to draw the line.

It is kind of a domino affect, but I wish ams out for a good time could play the way they wanted to with plutonium filled drivers if it helped them enjoy the game more.

PS-anyone know a website with a list of conforming clubs. I have to get a new set…and I actually have to pay for it…UGH!!!!!!!

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  1. Al

    Go to Durango and have Tom give you a fitting. Have you seen his 560 or 870 models? Second to none.

  2. carrera

    I’ve always thought of pro golf as a different game anyway…just like MLB uses wood bats and the rest of the baseball world uses other materials, I think it would be great if the Tour had its own equipment rules. Purists who want one set of equipment rules could always play the pro-spec models if they wanted to. Just look at all the amateurs who use blades and “TP” type woods (high COG, low spin) when they’d be better off with more forgiving stuff.

  3. Michael

    The TP stuff is only nice because it sits square or sometimes open. Some people don’t need help hitting it left!


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