Why posture is so important.

You need two things at address. Balance and your arms and hands to be hanging straight down out of your shoulders. That will create a minimum of tension.

If you are reaching for the ball and your shoulders are rounded, or your shoulders are up in your ears because there isn’t enough room for the arms to hang down, there will be a lot of tension.

If any of these issues exist, the arms will not only take control, it will be tough for them not to take the club to a bad place.

This all being the case, your first priority should always be balance and relaxed arms at address.

If you have these two things, it will be much easier for your shoulders to rotate properly to start the backswing.

Having a relatively “straight spine” and bending at the waist and the knees the proper amount is the key to this and that is different for each golfer depending on that person’s anatomy.

LINK to what “Straight Spine” really means

Link to GolfSwingSurgeon.com



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