The greatest shots I have ever hit.

1. I was playing with 3 other members at my club in a best ball. They were a +2, a 1 and a 5. We were all tied coming to 18. 18 was a par 5 and I hit a terrible second shot way right of the green onto a down slope with no green to work with and water just past the pin. The +1 (who is reading this right now and getting biter all over again) wedged it to about 3 feet. On the down slope and hard pan, i hit a full swing flop to about 18 inches. The +1 was so flustered, he missed the 3 footer and I won. He started ranting and raving about what a bunch of lucky BS that was. I said, “wanna see it again?”

I went to the same spot, dropped a ball and lipped it out about 6 inches away.

2. In a Nationwide event in York, PA on a par 5, I hit a drive into the left trees and was underneath a cypress bush about 240 from the green. I had no stance and decided to get on my knees and hack a 3 wood out. Those who have seen my trick shot show will believe it, but everyone else will cry foul. I hit it perfectly on the front of the green and 2-putted for birdie.

3. I was playing in a scramble last year with friends. Our best drive was in a fairway bunker on a par 5. It was 280 up hill to a pin on the back tier…a very small tier. Even my friends, who had seen me hit a lot of great shots, didn’t believe it when I drilled it to about 8 feet.

4. There is a near 600 yard, dogleg right par 5 in Santa Barbara at a course called Sandpiper. I was playing with a friend and we got paired with 2 others. They had seen me hit some prodigious drives, but on this long par 5 I hit it in the fairway bunker at the corner. It is around 300 and a bit down wind I hit driver out of the sand onto the green. One of the guys we were playing with said, “I have never seen anything like that!”

My friend replied…”and you never will again.”

5. A couple of months ago I was playing with a friend at El Dorado in Long Beach. #10 is…guess what? A par 5. I hit a bomb, but in the left trees…low and behold, I was in a divot pointing 50 yards left of the green. I had to go under the tree in front of me, then hook it around a tree 50 yards in front of me. I called the shot and hit it about 10 feet…and actually made the putt.

6. The island 17th at the Stadium at PGA West. The called hole in one. To read more, find the article “The Biggest waste of a hole in one ever.”

7. You have to have played the next hole to know the shot. #12 at Seacliff in Huntington Beach, CA. I was in the left trees and the OB fence left is about 15 feet high. I had to go under the trees in front of me, then get it up over the fence, then slice it 50 yards and I lipped it out for an albatross from about 225.

8. Kemper Lakes in Chicago was the site for a PGA championship. The 18th is around 400 yards with a lake that you hit to the right off the tee with about a 250 yard tee shot and you have 150 left. However, as I pulled to the tee, the GPS in the cart said 280 to the pin. I thought…Hmmm? I walked ahead of the tee to get a look as there are trees right next to the tee that bock the view. I saw in fact the green was only about 260 carry over the water…but it literally required a 100 yard hook.

The bad news is I had a 100 footer up a nasty tier and three putted for par.

Bragging about how awesome I used to be is fun. 🙂

Too bad no one taught me about a proper release 10 or 15 years ago…then more people might actually know who I am.




  1. Mike Z

    Here’s a question: If you were using the ‘proper release’ 15 years ago, would you have been able to hit some of these shots? Since they are so extreme and extraordinary, could you have hit them with an “ordinary” release?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes. Although I do not advocate having two different swings to hit baseline driver and baseline wedge…it’s ok you make a unique swing to hit a “shot” for a high level professional.

  2. John McCullough

    Can I share one of mine. In our weekly Wednesday Mens day tournament I came to the last hole, actually the First hole at out course, I started on number 2 in a shotgun start . A pretty easy 480 yard par five. I had a feeling needed a birdie to win, and proceeded to hook my tee shot OB. Next shot, aimed way right and put it even farther right of the trees lining the fairway. After getting to my ball, I see I have a shot through the trees to the flag, that I later measured at 245 yards. With nothing to lose, hit my 3 wood right through the hole in the trees. We get to the green and can’t find my ball, over the green is very high rough, and the whole group starts looking, till one of em finally looks in the hole, I didn’t have the nerve to, and there it was, the birdie I needed to win.

  3. Banner 12

    “I had no stance and decided to get on my knees and hack a 3 wood out…”

    Which begs the question: Why don’t you hit every shot that way?


  4. Fred Bond

    Many years ago at a club I was the head professional for 20 yrs., I played the last 4 holes on our front nine in 10 shots. The last four were 5par, 3 par, 4 par and 5 par. I went eagle, birdie, birdie and double eagle.
    As they say, “the older I get the better I used to be”.


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