Some exciting news coming up soon.

I don’t mean to be coy, but in the next week to ten days I will hopefully have some news that is very exciting.

Until then, let’s talk about some of the worst golf shots I have ever hit and you guys can make fun of me.

1. I got new contact lenses when I was 16 after my eyes had been deteriorating for several months. I met my friends on the 6th tee aT Yorba Linda Country Club because I was late and didn’t warm up. I addressed the ball and it looked like it was about a foot from my nose. I panicked mid swing, pulled the club into my body, did the old double chicken wing, and barely grazed the ball with the outside of my driver and hit it 90* to the right through a sliding glass door.

2. Hole #2, Sunday at the Nike(Nationwide) Tournament in Provo, Utah. I had almost driven the first green and made bogey, so I was mad and tried to drive the just under 400 yard dogleg right second. I hit my ball pin high, just right of the green in the deep rough. I was only about 30-40 feet from the hole. I tried a flop shot, the rough grabbed my club and I dead shanked it OB. Got the next one up and down for bogey and bogied 3 of the next 4 and played 5 under into the clubhouse to shoot even par 72 and actually passed a lot of players.

3. Read the Albuquerque 1994 post in the archives about my 1-iron that went 150 yards right, pin high after passing out.

4. Q school at the Bayonet in Seaside, CA. First hole of Q-school on day one I hit a ball 80 yards right over 100 foot high trees almost across the next fairway over…made par though. 🙂

5. At Q-school in 2001, I played with a partially dislocated hip. My caddy had to help me in and out of the car. I managed it around for 64 holes and was close to the cut line. After hitting my tee shot in the fairway my next 3 shots were…top, shank, whiff.

6. During a money game in Monroe, Michigan I hit a ball 2 feet from the hole on the par 3 ninth. Was dumb enough to ask if it was good…then missed it.

7. After attending the Dave Pelz short game school, I played in Scottsdale at Gainey Ranch Country Club. I layed the sod over every 40-80 yard wedge I hit that day. One hole I did it twice on consecutive shots. I made 8 birdies and an eagle and shot 70. One of the blog’s readers was there to see it.


8. During the Sectional Stage of US Open qualifying at Sharon Golf Club in Ohio I hit a 70 yard L wedge perfectly solid on the front of the green. Doesn’t sound so bad? This hole was a long par 4, unless you were crazy enough to take it over the lake which was a 300+ yard carry. Not a common ability in 1993. After risking my tournament life attempting this shot and pulling it off, I over lagged the L wedge and hit it barely on the front right part of the green, with the pin about 100 feet away on the back left. I 3-putted to go back to 2-under for the round. Got mad, Shot 76 and did not make the Open.

9. I had a chance at 59 on the Palmer Course at PGA West. The same one David Duval shot 59 during the Hope…only the course record was still 62 when I did this. I was 10 under with 3 to play. I hit it about 3 feet on 16. 17 was a wedge par 4 and 18 a par 5. Make the putt and birdie-birdie or par-eagle for 59. A very enthusiastic member of my foursome informed me of this before I putted on 16. I missed the putt on 16, pulled the wedge in the water on 17 and birdied 18 for 62.

Ask anyone who has played golf with me the last 20 years. Aside from driving the ball far, putting inside 5 feet is the best thing I do. I go months without missing a putts inside 5 feet…so missing a 3 footer might have been the worst shot I ever hit…followed immediately by pulling a wedge into the drink.

Back to back the two worst shots I ever hit…and probably the worst gag of my career.

Tomorrow, the greatest shots I ever hit.




  1. A Tyler

    I think everyone can relate with the last one….not shooting for 59, but a few weeks ago made four birdies in six holes and my brother reminded me of this and poof shot 78. Great blog Monte, I find keeping things simple works the best for me. Did I read correctly that you are a former pitcher? I was curious because I pitched in high school and I try to relate the motion to golf.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I did pitch. I think I would have been pretty good after I grew.


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