The golf swing needs width……….and depth




  1. Jake Gilmer

    Quick question here Monte. Seems that the deeper you get, the more hip turn that you should have on your backswing? Seems like your right elbow would get behind your right hip otherwise? Another great video that is short but full of great info!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Hip turn good. for many reasons and you listed the big one.

      • Jake Gilmer

        Thanks for the reply

  2. pcb_duffer

    Very well expressed, Monte. I’d like to see a couple of shots of Davis, showing his good combination of width & depth, compared and contrasted with a couple shots of J. Random Hacker’s bad combination of width & depth. You wouldn’t even need a line, just a bright dot to show the position of the butt of the shaft in the good and bad versions. (I’d offer some shots of my swing, but I don’t want to cause anyone to get nauseous.)

  3. Michael Lewis

    I have a question. How do you release your club (wrists), but keep your left wrist flat through impact? I always hear a lot about back swing positioning, but most of us hacker amateurs need lessons on impact and release.

    i.e., I take a divot when iron striking my balls, so I would imagine I am hitting down on the ball, but the ball flight is still very high and that kills my distance. I would imagine I am scooping, and I know my left wrist is breaking, but I don’t know how to stop that. How about a lesson/video on impact/release drills?

  4. Neil

    Couple videos examples of both width and depth:

    Bill Haas


    Is it just me or does it seem like they both have a bit of a flip at/just before impact? Or is this just a full release but at a much higher speed?

    • SBA

      Dont confuse flipping with increased axis tilt of the body, since they both hit driver and try to hit up on the ball, the club head already passed the low point of the swing arc BEFORE impact with the ball. That’s what gives u the perception of flipping, but it’s not, only visual deception because of the setup….

      • SBA

        …and if course ball position

  5. Robert Evans

    Great video Monte. You explain things so succinctly. Thank you!


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