Looks like I’m making an impression…




  1. Adam

    Impression is not the right word. You are resppnsible for a tidal wave of proper and simple instruction. Keep it up, Monte.

  2. Justin

    Good stuff. Your videos have really simplified the swing for me and I am hitting it better than I ever have. I would make a trip our your way if I could. I might just have to do some of the video lessons soon!

  3. Calvin

    Well deserved and about time. You put in the work and it will pay off.

  4. steve

    Copied from a website called …well, I won’t advertise them here.

    Butch Harmon $1000.00 per hour,
    David Leadbetter $3500.00 for 3 hours,
    Jim Mclean $2500.00 for half day,
    Mike Bender $250.00 per hour,
    Hank Haney $10,000.00 per day,
    Jim Hardy $750.00 per hour,
    Martin Hall $170 per hour,
    Stan Utley $1500.00 for 3 hours,
    Todd Anderson $335 per hour,
    Bob Toski $150.00 per hour,
    Dave Stockton $600 per hour,
    Dave Pelz $30,000 per day,
    Randy Smith $150.00 per hour,
    Gary Wiren $150.00 per hour,
    Jim Suttie $230.00 per hour,
    Pia Nilsson $350.00 per hour,
    Craig Shankland $200.00 per hour.

    Following in their footsteps, you’d want the same business model that they have– like a dermatologist: your patients never die, and they never get well. (Joke.)

  5. Paul

    I’m not surprised that the love keeps coming. You’ve helped me tremendously and you don’t even know it. I watch your videos all the time and implement what I think I need to work on. Well deserved praise for a man of the people who wants to help us.

  6. IPM

    Definitely have made a difference in my swing, and that’s just the blog. What distinguishes you from the rest is that you actually care about the game of golf and golfers. This is evidenced by all the free advice you give, and all the time you spend making videos to help us. It’s only a matter of time before the world realizes that you know what you’re talking about.

  7. wderaaf

    Some very well deserved recognition. You’ve both helped my swing and my understanding of the swing in general tremendously only by your videos and a couple pointers on gWRX. If only I didn’t live halfway across the globe I would gladly come your way for a lesson or 2. Might just have to do a couple of swingfix lessons instead. Keep it up!

  8. North


    Quality gets recognized. Keep it up.

  9. Bill bryant

    The Results speak volumes about the quality of the instruction

  10. Peter B

    Oh great when I am in the US one day I will not be able to afford him LOL


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