The dirty details

First, on why I got a “NC”

Because I am a moron.

I was expecting an important call around noon and cell phone use is not allowed during play. Although I did use it from inside the clubhouse while I was waiting at the turn to inform you of my “pitifulness.” Would not have done that if I wasn’t already out of it.

Anyway, it took 3:30 hours from the time I putted out on 9 till I putted out on 18, so I missed that call. I called back as soon as I walked off the green and I didn’t want to talk near the course and bother other players still playing, so I went out to my car to continue the call. I then put my bag in the trunk, changed my shoes, GOT IN THE CAR AND LEFT!!!!

I was on the phone for a half hour and didn’t realize that I had left and not turned in my card till a reader not so subtly ripped me for the NC. I was obviously not trying to hide a bad round as I already posted of the disaster on the front.

I didn’t want to drive back just to post a bad score, so there you go…on to the nitty gritty.

I will summarize, then do a blow by blow for those interested in what was up.

The front 9, as I said, was bad distance control with every club. The back was decent as I shot even par.

1-hit the fairway, knocked it 30 feet above the hold, ran it 5 feet by and missed…+1
2-hit the fairway, knocked it 30 feet right of the hole pin high for eagle, ran it 6 feet by uphill and misses…+1
3-hit the fairway, whiffed an iron up into the wind short, chipped it 3 feet and made it…+1
4-whiffed a 5-iron up into the wind, came up short in the water, pitched it to 20 feet and missed…+3
5-Hot a driver over the corner, had 180 into the green on a par 5. Hit it over the green, chipped it 8 feet short, hit the putt way to hard to 6 feet by and missed it coming back…+4
6-hit 7 iron to 20 feet above the hole, ran it 6 feet by, ran the next one 4 feet by and missed that one too…4 wally….LOL…+6
7-hit the fairway, hit a wedge short of the pin in the bunker, knocked the bunker shot to 2 feet and made par…+6
8-OB right off the tee…and it was way right. Next one in the fairway, LW to 10 feet, left it short…LOL…+8
9-Hit it just in the left rough. hit it over the green, hit a great chip to 4 feet and made it…+8, 44 on the front.

Goodness gracious that was a lot of shots. Nice putting Mr. Long Ball.

It took about 3 hours to play the back 9 in a twosome after waiting 30-40 minutes between 9’s…after a 1:50 front. We were second or third on the tee on every hole. I am really happy I was able to have fun and fight through this. Had big time trouble with this in the past. This is what I can take from today.

10-hit the fairway, second shot came up just short and rolled back in the sand. Hit a good sand shot(am still good at these) to a few feet and made birdie #1…+7
11-Hit fairway, LW to 10 feet, left it short straight down hill trying not to putt it off the green…+7
12-Hit fairway, 3/4 wedge to 8 feet, made putt with 2 feet of break. I actually looked like I knew what I was doing here…+6
13-pulled a 2-iron, with a left to right wind, into the desert. hit it short and didn’t get it up and down…+7
14-7-iron to 10 feet, just missed
15-drove it in the water with a terrible drive on a par 5. Hit 3-wood just left of the green and hit a really nice chip to 2 feet and made par.
16-hit fairway, terrible sand wedge 30 feet short and a nice two putt.
17-hit short of green with 4-iron and 3 putted form fringe about 50 feet.
18-hit fairway, hit it 20 feet and hit a really solid putt with good speed for par.

NICE SNOWMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will say my swing got better as the day went on and so did my distance control on putting. My chipping and especially sand play was great. I need work on putting speed and distance control on irons.




  1. banner12

    Wish you had remembered to turn in the card. The back 9 comeback would have been nice to see for everyone here. Lesson: Never give up.

  2. s.

    “Because I am a moron.”

    Not really. You were distracted. You were rusty. And you were probably tired.

    Some people say you get out of it what you put into it. Maybe you did.

  3. Calvin D

    If you are a member somewhere play every day for two weeks. Walk and carry.
    After every round hit a bucket working on shots you missed.
    Then you will know where you are realistically.

    Either you are serious about this or you’re not. You’ve done the developmental stuff really well and now you have to equal that effort where it counts. In the dirt.

    I want to see you on Sunday’s on my big screen.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I am serious. It might be perceived as an excuse, but I got started late and then got sidetracked by a move.

      I have a while before the Long Beach Open in July to prepare…and I am starting now.

  4. ric

    I had a similar experience in college at a state qualifier for an individual event. First I cannot wait that long between shots to play and I was fighting the Flu and should not have even been there. My coach told me if I could stand up I should play so I did. 6 hours and to puking episodes in the bushes later I went to my car to sleep in the back while I waited for the rest of my teammates to finish. I woke up at 9:00 pm in the parking lot with my card and the guy I was scoring for in my pocket, still in the parking lot of a closed golf course.
    stuff happens.


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