Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…LOL

I am the first group and just made the turn. I have a bit of a wait. Pretty typical of someone who hasn’t played in 7 months. Terrible distance control with irons and inability to adapt to really fast greens.

An iron short in the water on 4. Drove it OB on 8…and get ready for it…I had three 3putts and a 4 putt in the first 6 holes. Have chipped decent and hit driver OK besides the OB, but over or short on every iron and I kept blasting every putt. Will have a blow by blow when I get home so you guys can make fun of me.




  1. carrera

    Stick with it…treat it as an educational research project for us, your faithful followers…

  2. Michael

    Throw down a 31 on the back and break 80 for pride’s sake lol

  3. Steve Bishop

    Sounds like there is some inconsistency of contact. You want your misses right/left, not over/short. Just keep plugging away.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Big time. It got better on the back, but still needs work. I am usually really good at hitting the ball consistently solid. This was not normal for me.

  4. Johnny Dean

    dude……another no-card? You’ve done that at tour school so many times i cant count that high. Why do you no-card soooooo often?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      A fair and spot on criticism, i just found the condescension a little unnecessary. I called myself on just this subject in my upcoming mini-memoir. I was in a bad place mentally with my game and was too frustrated. In hindsight, shouldn’t have been playing. Today was an honest mistake.


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