The difference between

what really happens and how you explain something to a novice in understandable terms.

Cast and flip are from stalled and weak pivots. Your average golfer won’t under stand the arms getting disconnected, loss of pivot integrity…blah blah blah.

They will understand a swing that is too long or grabbing it with the right hand and throwing in at the ball instead of using the big muscles.

It’s all about your audience and how you communicate. That is why my posts and videos are sometimes an attempt to be scientifically correct, while other times, just digestible to a hack…and sometimes even both.

That is what golf instruction is…knowing who is listening to you and tailor the info in a way they can understand it. It is going to be different from person to person. Two people of the same experience, skill level and knowledge will need the same concept explained to them differently. The differences might be subtle, but there are differences.

So for those who don’t like some of the ways I describe things, the terms or descriptions I use, or think something is above or beneath you…just wait, the same piece of info is coming for you soon.




  1. s.

    “those who don’t like some of the ways I describe things”

    Well, I might have taken a shot or two at you (and been wrong sometimes), but my intent isn’t to show my superiority, but rather to give you some insight on how a spaz thinks…which would be foreign territory to you.

    Heh-heh…for example the word pivot. I used to occasionally visit Brian Manzella’s site (David Toms’ former coach), and he also used the word “pivot.”

    But, when I think “pivot,” I think basketball. In basketball, part of your pivot foot stays on a spot, and you move around it. In golf, it couldn’t work that way, so the concept is confusing.

    With pivot, there’s no implication of loading or windup, so “pivot” wouldn’t work for me.

    –“It takes education to repeat what other’s have said. It takes brains to question it.”

    • Monte Scheinblum

      woody, I take no offense at all. When it comes to golf, no one was a bigger spaz relative to his skill than me between 2005 and 2008.

  2. Calvin

    The student has to be able to understand the wisdom of the teacher or be forever more a hack. I have been watching and listening to Lee Comeaux for a couple of weeks; he hits the hell out of the ball and looks good doing it but I don’t understand his version of english at all. It can be really frustrating. Monte’s language is similar enough to mine that I can relate. There are some people who understand Comeaux. I would bet that any golf instructor stands a 80% chance of being misunderstood.

  3. Ptrg

    Calvin, am in same boat with you on Lee . . . Impressive results for him but have trouble following where he’s taking me.
    Maybe he could hook up with Monte for short, clear, concise videos with the same going for language use.
    That would be powerful stuff, maybe.

  4. Jason

    You also have those of us that are visual learners. Having an explanation that is easy to understand along with the visual side of that explanation is what works for me. I guess that’s why I like Montes Videos so much. Analogies work too.


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