The dangers of breaking clubs.

If you didn’t know this already…broken club shafts are sharp. The lesson for today…if you break a club, make sure it is far from you when it breaks.

Here are two examples why.

I was playing in a tournament is Venezuela. In round 3 I had a chance to do some damage, but I sodded two pitches in a row on my second and third shots to a short par four after I almost drove the green. I snapped the wedge over my knee and one of the broken shaft ends slice open my pant leg and my calf. I played the last 4 holes with ripped pants, a bloody leg and no L Wedge which I needed 3 more times.

The next day I shot 65 and tied the course record.

I used to have matches against the bag room guys at PGA West. I would play three of them best ball.

One day I was one down with four to play. I nearly drove a short par 4 (seeing a patten yet?). I couldn’t decide which shot to hit, so I hurried up and hit the wrong one and ended up about 20 feet on a 100 foot pitch.

My cart (I had my own because I lived on the course)was about 10 yards away and I threw my L Wedge (seeing another pattern?) at the cart. The club head hit the front right tire, the shaft snapped just above the neck of the club head, the club with a small sharp broken shaft point, careened back at me and stuck into my shin. After I pulled it out, there was a gaping hole in my shin. My friends asked me if I needed the hospital..I said no, canned the 20 footer and birdied the last three.

The moral to the story: when you make an a$$ of yourself, you stop taking yourself so seriously and play better golf. So stop taking yourself so seriously so you don’t risk your life gouging out your carotid artery with a broken club shaft. You will play better golf and you won’t have a scar on you shin to prove your stupidity.




  1. Hackinator

    I like to remind myself that I am not good enough to get openly angry about my game ….it really cuts down on the emotional outbursts. .

  2. steve lyons


    Do you know anyone good enough to play for a living who has never snapped a shaft?

  3. Peter Balogh

    Great Stories, my father once snapped a Yonnex Driver with one hand out of the bag on a Trip to Portugal when I was a kid as I was complaining about every bad shot. I was quiet for the rest of the week. He also had shards in his hand he may have them still. Have to check 🙂

  4. BruinMel

    Did you/do you watch CSI? The golf episode this past Thursday had a club breaking theme. LOL.


    • Monte Scheinblum

      I saw that. Put it on the DVR and watched it this morning.


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