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Along with some content requests I haven’t caught up on…I am going to do some posts and videos on easy ways to “hit shots.”

Even high handicappers can shave strokes off their scores by learning a few simple ways to create the kind of shot you want.

In other words, like what simple things can I do to hit lower shots for the trees and the wind.

The new website is national and international. So far there are golfers from Germany, Great Britain, California, Tennessee, New York, Washington and Florida.




  1. Peter Balogh

    Awesome…was waiting for those!

    • B. Kozel

      Monty, since all of your videos really do make the swing process alot easier, please make one on finding the bottom of the swing for crisp mid-iron shots with the divit, AFTER THE BALL!! Thanks for all you do on this blog.


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