The benefit of a 90* handset

I am mostly going to let this video speak for itself. Tomorrow i will have a video of a drill that will help you find the 90* handset that I talk about today. This drill will also help you with rhythm and release. It’s a brilliant drill….back to today’s programming.

The most important thing in golf…consistency.

The easiest way to be consistent is to have the same or close to the same swing on as many shots as possible.

In other words, you don’t want you driver and wedge swing to be completely different. The setup and length of the club mostly dictates the difference. You also want your knockdown, punch, pitch and chipping motions to basically be mini-golf swings.

Having to learn fewer movements, makes it easier to repeat and the result is more consistency.

Here is a hug step in that direction.




  1. bobbyp

    Absolutely love this vid, Monte and perfect timing (for me). I was just about to ask you about handset in relation to the shoulder turn since an overswing is my biggest fault. This action sounds like it could be the perfect remedy.

  2. radioman

    A top notch video, kid.
    You spoke of many things that I had to learn
    the hard way.
    I think you’re ready to grow a beard and sit high atop
    a mountain top in So-Cal.


  3. RexTak

    Excellent video clip! I think I’m more of a floater, as you describe it, but didn’t fully realize the implications. The video sure clears up a lot of stuff I read and see about lag. Thanks!



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