The dangers of breaking clubs.

If you didn’t know this already…broken club shafts are sharp. The lesson for today…if you break a club, make sure it is far from you when it breaks.

Here are two examples why.

I was playing in a tournament is Venezuela. In round 3 I had a chance to do some damage, but I sodded two pitches in a row on my second and third shots to a short par four after I almost drove the green. I snapped the LW over my knee and one of the broken shaft ends slice open my pant leg and my calf. I played the last 4 holes with ripped pants, a bloody leg and no L Wedge which I needed 3 more times.The other side had the head and after the shaft broke and gave way, the club head continued it’s path and hit me in the balls.

The next day I shot 65 and tied the course record.

I used to have matches against the bag room guys at PGA West. I would play three of them best ball.

One day I was one down with four to play. I nearly drove a short par 4 (seeing a patten yet?). I couldn’t decide which shot to hit, so I hurried up and hit the wrong one and ended up about 20 feet on a 100 foot pitch.

My cart (I had my own because I lived on the course)was about 10 yards away and I threw my L Wedge (seeing another pattern?) at the cart. The club head hit the front left tire, the shaft snapped just above the hosel of the club head, the club with a small sharp broken shaft point, careened back at me and stuck into my shin. After I pulled it out, there was a gaping hole in my shin. My friends asked me if I needed the hospital..I said no, canned the 20 footer and birdied the last three.

The moral to the story: when you make an a$$ of yourself, you stop taking yourself so seriously and play better golf. So stop taking yourself so seriously so you don’t risk your life gouging out your carotid artery with a broken club shaft. You will play better golf and you won’t have a scar on you shin to prove your stupidity.




  1. Calvin D

    Get kicked in the balls and tie the course record next day.
    Stick a broken shaft in your shin and birdie three in a row.
    🙂 No pain no gain? 🙂

    • Calvin D

      More seriously, I have a close relative who throws clubs, storms off the course, throws tantrums, etc. It’s extremely embarrassing and impossible to relate to that degree of distress over a stick and ball game. It is however, after the fact, something to laugh at.

  2. Wally

    People who throw or break clubs have “issues” other than golf, Get help!!!!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I was in my early 20’s and had issues with my father. How’s that?

  3. Michael

    Maybe breaking clubs people have issues. I have no qualms with dropping a club in the followthru if I’ve been hitting it like crap all day, or having to wait on a foursome of slow people for 15 minutes and then I hit my next shot terribly.

    Monte – All I noticed is that you’re not ever borrowing a lob wedge. Or you shouldn’t own one anymore lol

  4. Wally

    Staying in the Barrel
    Here is a great exercise. On a nice sunny day when you can see your shadow, stand with your club at normal address position. Now have someone place clubs or rods on each side of the shadow. Now practice your swing, see if your shadow crosses the rods or clubs you have placed. Most great golfers stay in “The Barrel’.

  5. Steve Bishop

    People have died from broken clubs bouncing back and going through their chest or what not. Famously one guy threw his club at a tree, it snapped and came back at him severing his throat. Not worth it.


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