A 16 year old?

Dominic Mazza, a 16 year old high schooler, almost won the world long drive title. He finished second. I have seen his swing and it is very efficient.

I was also told he wanted to keep his amateur status and donate his prize money to the family of the late Mike Moulton.

I don’t know all of the details, but was also told that Stanford wants him to pitch for them.

Sounds like an amazing athlete and kid. Hope he doesn’t get ruined by some swing dork.

Give me a call Dom.

I am sure many of you have more accurate details than I. Please share them.




  1. Brett Picotte

    I’ve been told he pitches left handed.

  2. Brett Picotte

    Also, here are some ball speed numbers from the finals. The guy who posted this won the military division.

    “I was on the tee pretty much right behind the trackman guy.

    Louw — 225!
    Miller — 224
    Mazza — 223
    Jamie — 213
    Hopper — 210

    These numbers were from their longest balls. Hopper’s ball ended up OB by about 2 feet at 420 which was the longest ball of the night! 14.7 launch with 1700rpm. Goes to show that it’s not all speed. It sure helps, but optimizing launch and spin with the speed is what to strive for! Only got the numbers from the longest balls and there they are! Louw was 8.5 launch with 2100rpm if I remember right. Jamie was 10.7 with around 2100rpm. Don’t remember Miller or Mazza’s spin and launch.”

    • Monte Scheinblum

      My how things have changed. I remember when I was one of the few who could get 200 mph of ball speed.

  3. Will

    It was a great show. Those numbers are pretty ridiculous…

    Monte, I have a question. I’ve noticed that most long drivers seem to stand pretty tall at address (not bent over very far from the hips). In a local qualifier I was in, I even saw a couple of guys seem to flex their knees more in order to ensure that their upper bodies were fairly erect.

    Anything to this, long-drive wise?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      There are a few possible explanations. First, at these speeds it’s hard for the lower body to be in sync and being a little more upright and standing father away gives you more room.

      Second and more nefarious is we have been inundated with “stand taller for more power” by some of the swing gurus.

  4. s.

    “seen his swing and it is very efficient”

    –Others say Mazza is 17. I was rooting for him because–ike Sadlowski–he has a great, balanced golf swing.

    Maybe Miller had the best strategy…grip it and rip it, and hope one out of 6 lands in the grid. He had several 400 yard blasts in the preliminary rounds, and I suspected that he was going to give Sadlowski trouble. He couldn’t play golf with that swing, unless he stopped spinning.

    Zuback was somewhat of a factor.

    The guy who finished 2nd in Senior Division had an ugly out-of-sync swing. I hope he doesn’t hurt himself.

  5. wally

    I hate him

  6. Steve Bishop

    Work the lat’s and glutes boys… you’ll get there. 😀

  7. wally

    high hands like you used to have Monty, oh yeah, jack and sam had high hands, hmmm we could be on to something


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