The Bob Hope

Don’t care about the Humana Challenge. I am fine with sponsor names, they deserve it for the money they put up, but it’s still the Bob Hope to me.

The Bob Hope is the epitome about why a +3 club player has no chance on Tour. It doesn’t matter how hard the courses are, when you put the pins in easy places in the middle of the green, the scores are beyond the level anyone but a tour player can shoot.

It shows why the scores are higher during other Tour events that amateurs think are easy. The pins.

With ams filling out the groups the first four rounds, if the pins were in normal “Tour” positions, the rounds would take 7 hours as the 25 handicap rich guys and celebs couldn’t finish the hole.

It is why in my heyday, an average +3 to 3 handicap could beat me on a given day, but didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades against me for 4 days on a Tour level course setup for a Tour event. That is still the case, it’s just the given days where they can beat me happen to be more plentiful now.

I can still go low on a hard course, I can go high on an easy course. It’s all about the flow of the first few holes and how they affect me mentally. I AM WORKING ON THAT. It’s confidence/blind arrogance. Used to have a lot, now I need to get that back.

I can’t say anything about this tournament, that hasn’t been said before. I will repeat what I said last year. It is sad it has become a third tier event the networks don’t even show.

I believe it is combo of the top players are too self important to play 4 days with ams and celebs…and the ams and celebs have been corrupted like the rest of us into grinding on their swing and routines to the point the top pros don’t even want to watch it.

It is painful to watch a 20 handicap step off the yardage twice, throw up grass four times, go through his 2 minute routine, back off, go through his routine again, change clubs, go though his routine again, back off, throw up more grass, go through his routine again and chunk it 50 yards.

…and it’s all the pros fault for doing this and setting a poor example for the ams to copy.

…and it’s the PGA Tour’s fault for not enforcing pace of play rules more and allowing this to happen.

…and it’s the golf media’s fault for putting all all these complicated swing checklist methods and promoting long pre-shot routines.

…and it’s my fault for ruining my game, not making the Tour and setting a better example for the golfing public.

You know what? It’s Johnny Miller’s fault. Just because.




  1. Andrew from Addis

    Oooh – Glad I missed this. I was wondering why DSTV (African satellite TV) was not showing the PGA Toiur this weekend. We get ALL the golf (and all the rugby, cricket, soccer and tennis). DSTV is South African and they are sport nuts.

    Sounds like I missed absolutely nothing except a good (and reasonably quick IIRC) player winning.

    Andrew from Addis

  2. T.Peters

    In Sweden we could se the British Sky TV coverage streamed on the web.

  3. rojoass

    Gag reflex kicked in listening to Rich Lerner talk about licking Bill Clintons balls.

    • woody

      For sure. Made it un-watchable.

  4. Calvin

    It’s not my fault! 🙂

    I have come to the conclusion that slow play is genetic. I have noticed that slow players irritate me even when they are arriving at the course and getting out of their cars. They seem to have checklists there too and take an interminable amount of time disembarking and arranging their trunks and putting on their shoes and etc. I call it their ceremonial play preparation rites.

  5. pcb_duffer

    [snip] but it’s still the Bob Hope to me [snip]
    Agreed. The Tour does a disservice to the history of the game when they ignore the names Hope & Crosby.

    [snip] and it’s the PGA Tour’s fault for not enforcing pace of play rules more and allowing this to happen. [snip]
    Amen brother! Preach on!!

    [snip] It’s Johnny Miller’s fault. [snip]
    I’ve often thought that Miller needs a foil with him in the booth. When JM starts to prattle on about how Joe Touringpro’s swing isn’t any good, the other guy in the booth should say ‘And for you folks watching out there, there’s a lesson in that. A swing doesn’t have to be textbook perfect, it does have to be absolutely repeatable. Dance with who brung ya, and trust her.”


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