I made a boo boo

I have been practicing and playing in 65-80 degree weather.

I just got to the range and it’s 39 degrees and I am so ******* cold. What a weenie…LOL.

I’ll be fine, thought you guys would think this is funny. I am so bundled up I feel like the Michelin Man.

Edited:LOL, after I hit a few sand wedges, I went yo dunk it in the water bucket to clean it and had to break the ice layer on top. I am actually having fun.

Edit #2: really struggling with the putter. 3 putted #2, missed a 5 footer for birdie on #3, then on #4, misjudged the speed Ina 10 footer and ran it by and missed the come backer. Then proceeded to hit it OB off #5, just like I did Tuesday.

On a funny note, I am 45 minutes from home playing like a chop, a guy came all the way from Canada to be 9 over though 5…and he has pulled out the Carmelo Villegas spider on the greens. Does it just like him.

I will be good as soon as I stop being a mental case.

Edit #3: Oops. Well, I need some more time at the putting green.
Green. Meltdown. After the OB on 5, I hit it in two and had a 20 foot par putt. 4 putts later and 3 putts on the next two holes has me thinking I wont be handing out putting advice for a while.

In all seriousness, these greens are sloped and fast and I can’t get setup and “hitting” it way too hard.

Edit #4: Alert the media, I made an 8 footer for birdie. I am reminded when you play more golf, you make adjustments quicker. I had to shorten my stroke. Otherwise my two choices are decel and too hard.

Edit #5: Good news, bad news. Parred 9 and birdied 10. Got a pic from the baby sitter and my 21 month old girl clunked her head and needs to go see the doctor to make sure she is OK. I don’t think it’s serious because the bruise came out of her forehead, but I need to get her checked out.

This wouldn’t look so bad if I didn’t have such a history of frustrated walks off the course.

Better luck next week. Aside from the one snap hook OB, I hit it decent and the putter showed signs of life after I adjusted.

Thanks for the support. I’ll be better next week.




  1. Calvin

    Not surprised. It snowed in Seattle I hear. Go to the cafeteria get coffee and donuts and tell war stories.

  2. cdnmike


    Where can we see your results from the qualifying? Posted on the web?

  3. woody

    “I will be good as soon as I stop being a mental case.”

    Assuming that your mechanics are not an issue, that can happen whenever you want. Confused mechanics = mental case. Trust me on this.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Exactly woody. That is what made me mental. I am coming out of it, just not yet.

  4. Ant Lockyer

    Hope your daughter is OK.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      She’s fine. Just has a purple golf ball attached to her head.

  5. Calvin

    Well crap. WD

    • MonteScheinblum

      Calvin, read edit #5 above. Had a small emergency at home and wasn’t going to make it, so I left after birding 2 of my last 3


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