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First off, I have always wanted to know who the marketing genius was that had one of the tour players say, “At the end of your career, people are going to ask how many FedEx Cups you have won.”


I can’t avoid the elephant in the room.

Tiger makes the President’s Club Team !?!?!?!?!?

This is great for the event, TV ratings and people who like to watch, root for and rip Tiger.

It is terrible for the American team. Even at the top of his game, Tiger is at best, a mediocre teammate…and he is not a “President’s Cup” level player right now.

People always want to beat Tiger really bad and now that the fear factor is gone, they are going to be even more motivated to crush him.

I feel bad for Fred Couples. I don’t know what his mindset was, but he couldn’t not pick Tiger. I am sure pressure was put on him buy the PGA Tour, sponsors, network execs, etc.

There will also most likely be pressure for Tiger to play every match as well.

What an interesting and great 18th hole at this course. Too bad it didn’t have a greater affect.

Dustin Johnson is a great talent. I got several emails saying what I would do with his swing if I was teaching him. The answer is nothing. I would have some videos of when he was winning and when he was playing bad, I would look for differences…that is it.

I would tell him to win as much as possible and as soon as his down slide as he got older started (and it will), then I would start to make some slow changes to even out his move.

The next question you will ask is, “Monte, you think Johnson will have a slide in his game when he gets older?”

I would say there is a 100% chance. His swing relies on a ridiculous amount of flexibility, contortion and strength. If he does yoga or some other strength and flexibility regimen, it will prolong it, but at some point, he will have no chance of playing well with that swing…especially with driver.

He probably gets 10-15* more hip turn than the average tour player and at some point, that won’t be able to happen anymore and his club face will come in so shut, the ball will go left of left, or he will compensate and hit it right of Hitler.

This may not happen till he is 40 or even 50 because he is so athletic, so it may not be an issue, but it only takes one minor lower back injury to speed that process up 5-10 years.

It sounds like I am forecasting doom and gloom for him, but I am not, I think he is an amazing talent. The point of this post is more about the fact that what he does works for him now and screwing with it now is a bad idea and unnecessary.

A few words about the US Am finalists. It’s not hard to predict success for Patrick Cantlay. Already shown he can compete at PGA Tour level and a great golf swing that can repeat.

Kelly Kraft, on the other hands, I don’t think I can say the same. i don’t wish anything but success for him, but he needs a change in his swing.

Swings don’t win tournaments and there are as many swings as they are people on the PGA Tour. What there isn’t on the PGA Tour are many who come from way underneath and flip at impact to square the club…and that is what Kelly Kraft does. What he does know how to do is play golf and a few minor adjustments in his swing could lead to a great career as his ability to score is not in doubt.




  1. rojoass

    The Fed Ex is a joke. The PGA is trying to compete with other sports year round. Bring to mind what’s said when trading for real………..

    “Pigs get fat………….hogs get slaughtered”

    Phooey on the Cup

    • cdnmike


      Do you like anything? I am soooo sick of reading your miserable comments. You seem like one of those sick people that aren’t happy unless there is something to bitch about.

  2. sbk440

    Check out this month’s Golf Digest (thankfully they send it to me for free or else I wouldn’t- LOL!). Dustin Johnson is profiled for his athletic abilities which are quite impressive.

  3. Michael

    So him going 5-0 in the last President’s Cup, and 3-1 in the 2010 Ryder Cup (with the new swing might I add) are examples of how he’s not good in these events?

    Give the guy some slack, he didn’t play for 4 months this year because of injury. Then when he did play 2 more events, he naturally played like someone who hadn’t seen competitive golf in months.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Wasn’t criticizing him, as much as saying he was added to the team because of TV ratings and fan appeal, not because he will help the team.

      My comments were more about feeling for Freddy that he was forced to pick him.

  4. Calvin

    Tiger in the President’s Cup. What’s not to like? More media exposure, bigger gate receipts, more analysts and cameras. We get to see every hole he plays and if we miss one there will be replays and re-replays. It’s good for the golf industry. It’s only bad for one guy who earned a place and didn’t get one. Practice hard Tiger; show us you’ve still got it.

  5. meateater

    Monte, Love to see a video breakdown of Kelly Kraft’s swing. Very interesting to have you explain what you see versus what we hear on TV.

  6. Mike Z

    What did you think of the course that hosted the Am, Erin Hills? The people on NBC wouldn’t stop raving about how awesome it was, but they never really discussed any of the details of the layout that made it great. Instead, the course was great (and will host an upcoming US Open) because it was carved by a glacier, they didn’t really move any earth around to build it, it is punishing, etc. Naturally, I found it strange that at no point in discussing how great the course was did anyone actually talk about any of the holes themselves, or how well designed they are.

    To me, it looked like a garbage course full of blind shots and extreme elevation changes to trick it up, like Tierra Rejada (worst course in SoCal).

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Tierra Rejada is miserable, but Erin Hills looked like it played more like a links course in Scotland than any of these BS “links style” dumps you see all over the place.


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