Sorry guys

I started par-birdie-par and felt a really bad pull in my shoulder on the 4th tee. It took over an hour to play the first three holes and it was a 15 minute wait on 4.

When I hit my chip from just right of the green it didn’t feel too good.

I don’t think all that waiting helped me much. It’s a shame, I felt decent on the range.

I’m going to take a few weeks off and just teach. I need to get in shape. Between swinging at it hard the wrong way and not being in shape has just caused a rash of injuries. My swing is coming around, but I am in terrible shape and need to change that.




  1. Damon

    Sorry to hear this. Rest up, get well, and come back stronger than ever. Best of luck.

    • jaybee

      +1 and enjoy the rest of your b’day regardless-all the best.

  2. woody

    Right shoulder? What was wrong about the way you were swinging?

    Here’s some insight, which you can take or leave. I figured out my transition and figured out what it is for. It’s like a clutch. If you popped the clutch in your car every time you pulled away from a stoplight, it would be hard on the vehicle.

    The transition gets everything moving in a way that the big strong muscles can join in without jerking.

    Once I figured out what the transition was for, how it was done, and how to think about it, I could swing as hard as I want.

  3. Mike Divot

    Monte, don’t forget: you rock. All the best in all your endeavours.


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