Shoulder turn

I have had so many people both on the range and in online lessons have the same problem, I thought I would revisit this video that has become my most viewed.

People turn their shoulders too flat going back and get too vertical coming down.

Either by necessity to hit the ball, or as a result of getting too inside, lifting the arms late and being forced to drop the right shoulder too much to come from the inside.

The left shoulder needs to work down and out in the backswing in order to keep your spine angle relatively constant in the down the line two dimensionally.

…and your right shoulder needs to work down and out in order to keep the spine angle constant on the downswing.

The dissenters will say that’s over the top on the downswing, but that’s only if you lack tilt away from the target.

To simplify.

1. Have SOME spine tilt away from the target throughout the swing.

2. If you hold a shaft in front of your shoulders at address. Keep that shaft perpendicular to your spine and that’s the angle you want your shoulders to move. Left shoulder down and out in the backswing, right shoulder down and out in the downswing.




  1. allen lane

    Brilliant as always. Thanks for the reminder Monte. Allen Lane ( Aust )

    • jaybee

      I second that. The OUT was new to me and makes a huge difference for me.

  2. Brian Sulzbach

    Makes me appreciate the moe norman setup position even more….he gets his upper body tilt turns into his right side properly and the rest was well ..easy for him.

  3. Dustin Cobb

    Great video. Thanks. “Left shoulder works down and out on the backswing”……..that’s interesting to me. Obviously it works down, but I’ve never really thought about it working out. Ive always thought it works back over (or towards) the right foot. By the way……I bought your short game video last night. Good job. Lots of info for a more than fair price.

  4. Daveydo

    Thanks Monte,

    This video is just what I needed. I know I watched it before and I benefited from it at the time. I’m starting to believe that your videos are like the fundamentals. One needs to revist them on a regular basis.

  5. Geoff Dickson

    Well done for revisiting old ground. I certainly needed the reminder.

    Face on view, my arms struggle to get above parallel to ground. DTL, my arms are well below shoulder angle at top of backswing. Is this a sure sign of flat shoulder turn on backswing?

  6. Bill Masterson

    I do this well with all of my clubs except driver ,I hit low and slight fade. Any suggestions


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