Journalists print retractions all the time…

…when something they write turns out to be false.

I am retracting what I wrote because it wasn’t taken in the context it was intended.

Frank was a little frustrated on my behalf and wanted to pay me the complement that he thought I was better for him than the #1 guy in the world. End of story,

So for those that were offended by his comments and thought them ill conceived, he was just trying to support his boy. Don’t hold it against him.

As for the individual who called me out personally…I am against censorship and allow every criticism of me to be posted here and have not deleted or banned anyone since I have been doing this blog. That encompasses tens of thousands of people over the nearly 5 years I have been doing this. Normally my response to a troll is to ignore, but after reading your comment, that included profanity, I decided to do a search and found over 30 comments that were nothing but vitriol. Congratulations, you are the first banned for having nothing to offer but being a provocateur. If trying to annoy me made you happy, you have won sir, well played.

As for the rest of you. I will continue to provide as much of my knowledge as I can in articles and videos, so we can all get better, but more importantly have more fun.




  1. Bill bryant

    Monte no explanation needed. Anyone that was offended by Franks’s post must not consider loyalty and support to a buddy a bad thing

  2. Bill bryant

    “Sorry must consider loyalty and support to a buddy a bad thing. damn iPad

  3. BSC

    Monte thanks we appreciate your wealth of knowledge! If you had an answer to speed rounds up a bit we could all have more fun! Ha!

  4. cdnmike

    I thought the comments were in poor taste but at the same time its not that big of a deal. I get frustrated when I see guys on this message board saying every post is awesome. Obviously, every post can’t be awsome and it shouldn’t be… you’re human.

    As for the guy swearing at you, don’t worry about those guys. They are keyboard warriors. They are cowards.

  5. Calvin

    Not surprised that Frank feels that way. Kind of surprised that you printed it. It doesn’t at all detract from your unique and valuable knowledge of the golf swing. Hopefully you and Frank will forgive me if I am not enough of a golf nut to pay for your clinic at my club. 🙂

  6. Mark

    I think you do as good a job as any in explaining the golf swing and better then most. That’s what’s important and keeps me coming back to your site. What would help me the most “something I would pay for” is a program for the full swing. Something like, grip/allignment/posture, shoulder turn, hip turn, arm turning, hand cocking, etc., using some Monte pre-ordained order of focus. This would also provide a checklist I could review when my swing went bad. This should align with what you already do in your explanations on cause and affect. I’m sure it is difficult to monetize golf knowledge in general with all the competition. Best of luck and keep up the good work!

  7. Tom McNamara

    I posted the same kind of response about context on wrx and the entire post was deleted. Not sure why people need to bash others to make themselves better…but I for one appreciate what you do.

  8. Rick

    Well spoken and candid. You do not shrink from trying to explain the swing using language that is uncommon in the mainstream.


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