Setting the club/your wrists…

…will generally keep the club from going too far inside and lifting your arms too much.

What is important is how to set them. Below is a drill that will use natural forces to help you set the club and the other explains some of the benefits of setting your hands properly.

If you set your hands properly, you will have a good and proper angled shoulder turn and vice versa. They kind of feed on each other.




  1. rojoass

    I’ve discovered an intentional “early” setting of the wrist promotes a cast/flip. Kelvin mentioned that awhile back & I found it to be true………….for me anyway. There are however some short game situations requiring an early set but I try to avoid it on stock swings.

  2. Calvin

    grass sling.

  3. Bob

    Thanks Monte! A little drill that puts us right back on track!

  4. Mike M.

    Almost identical to Shawn Clement’s “perpetual motion” drill, but without the “centrifugal pump”, or bobbing up and down that Shawn advocates. Great stuff. (Bonus points to Shawn for doing it “elephant walk” style down the range line and hitting ball after ball with it. I’d shudder to think what the results would be if I tried that. People, take cover.) Bottling that *feel* of effortless momentum during an actual swing produces great results.


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