That’s some decent golf, wouldn’t you all agree?

Nice shank Phil. One time I just want to see Phil show up with his regular set of clubs instead of some weird setup with 2 drivers or a driving iron he can’t hit the fairway with.

Maybe he will just show up with 13 wedges and a putter on recommendation from Dave Putz.

A 16 year old local guy from near where I live got in the Open. Most people would think I’d be all bitter and jealous. On the contrary, I think it’s awesome and I wish him all the luck. Beau Hossler shot 76 in round one and I hope he shoots 65 today.




  1. s.

    “That’s some decent golf, wouldn’t you all agree?”

    Yeah, if Fred Funk was telling the truth:

    “Any time you have a USGA setup, US Open, they try to make even par be or something close to even par be the winning number, and I actually think over par might win this one because they’ve added extreme length, they’ve added a lot of new tees, they can play it at almost 7600 yards if they want to. It’s a very hilly golf course. It’s very narrow fairways, very thick rough, very difficult greens…”—Fred Funk

  2. Westy

    Hopefully, Rory does well. The kid showed a lot of class after the Masters Meltdown.

  3. north

    I’m looking forward to seeing Rory stringing 4 of his good rounds together in the majors, because with his attitude he will.

  4. Wally

    goodbye Tiger, goodbye Phil, HELLO RORY


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