Really Rory????

65 at the Open is one thing. Following it up with 66 makes him one of the top few players in the World and he is a big win or a little more maturity away from being #1. I don’t care what he does on the weekend, he is on his way. The only thing a weekend collapse will do is delay the inevitable. He is going to be #1.

I hope he does it this week because another fumble will hurt him mentally and it might take a while to recover.

I have never played in The US Open, but I have played courses and conditions that tough in tournament play (separately) and I can’t explain how good that is to shoot 11 under for two days.

For the rest of the field it would be like a bunch of 10 handicaps watching their 10 handicap buddy throwing 72-72 at them at their local club tournament while they are busy playing great and shooting 81s.




  1. BruinMel

    I hope he doesn’t let that 36th hole blip linger. Perfect opening 35 holes.

  2. north

    I think Rory will not collapse this week. This year’s Masters was his living it experience, and he handled the aftermath with aplomb. I agree with you, Rory looks like he will be Number 1, and not just for a year – the man has rare talent.

  3. Calvin D

    If Rory keeps up the pace he is on I will be very surprised. I don’t see him collapsing but I think he will come back to the field some. I think we will have a Sunday shootout as usual.

  4. Andrew

    No Sunday shoot out this time. Rory will play a couple of solid rounds: 63, 62….

    Just kidding, 68, 69 and win by 10

    Andrew from Addis

  5. highmel

    how is it even possible to hit 32 greens at this course ?

  6. Andrew from Addis

    Sorry – got it wrong, 68, 69 win by 8 – Yee haa Rory


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