Right shoulder and hip too high

I have many students who fight this problem. Frank being one of them.

I will approach it from this perspective. If you are bent over enough at the waist and your shoulders turn around your spine at 90*…the right shoulder goes down quite a bit in the downswing.

If the right hip doesn’t go down as well, the right shoulder crashes into it. So how do you get them to go down properly.

If the right hip turns deep, up and away from the ball and you have lateral hip movement in the downswing, the right hip goes down. If the right shoulder follows what the right hip does, it goes down and around the spine properly.

So it isn’t that complicated.

Turn, tilt, turn.




  1. Calvin

    Range stuff. You don’t want your brain in your butt on the course.

      • Calvin

        So tell me how I keep range stuff off the course. I am the worst offender. Will power doesn’t work for me. Tried ClearKey and that doesn’t work for me.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Just like everything else in golf, it’s about making an effort and getting better every day.


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