My swing crack free

I did a little experiment yesterday. I tried to practice what I preached. I eliminated every swing thought and just focused on getting the right hip low. This is the fewest swing thoughts I have had on the range in 15 years.

I like the results from a clear mind and shot pattern standpoint. The aesthetic results weren’t too bad either. The first one is a DTL driver and the second one is a FO 3-wood.




  1. woody

    Good things happen when you use the largest & strongest muscles in your body.

  2. Mike Richardson

    Hi Monte,

    Swing looks great. Apart from just turning after titling, do you have any “keys” to get that really good swinging left look, particularly as it appears in your driver practice swing?

    • Joeunc

      I think you get it from starting out practicing little short shots. I have a tremendous pivot driven swing left feeling hitting little SW and PW shots trapping the ball. I take it back just past waist high and let the body drive the swing back though and I finish with club out in front of me and disappearing left.

      I am trying to work that feeling up to my full swing now as those 50 to 80 yd shots I hit this way are the most crisp shots I strike.

      • Mike Richardson

        Thanks for this. “Trapping the ball” is what I want to get to.

  3. Mike Divot

    Monte, when you were the long drive champ, what was your state of mind when hitting? Swing thoughts, or empty mind?


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