Really? Is it possible to take yourself more seriously?

Let me be clear. Any club that has a dress code, that’s fine.

That being said, the worst thing about golf is people taking themselves too seriously. It’s what leads to long preshot routines by people who can’t break 100, 6 hour rounds and a plethora of other things I offer people to list.

Someone took time out of his day to watch one of my youtube videos and post this comment.

“cargo shorts , jeans on a golf course, not in our country , where is your dress code and standards…”

This really ticks me off. Not because I am hurt or offended someone posted something negative about me…it happens all the time and doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

It ticks me off because this is the kind of attitude that takes the fun out of golf and life. If he chooses to play golf with a giant stick up his butt, fine, but don’t ruin the fun for everyone else.

I am reminded of political correctness…and this is the kind of “do it my way” thinking that has led to many of the atrocities throughout history.

Still planning a video on left arm right arm thing.




  1. Bob Saunders

    Well said, Monte! Well said!

  2. Jared

    What a db!

  3. Robert Johansson

    on some golf courses you cant play dressed like that.
    or if your a girl or black same applies.
    some golf courses it dosnt matter as none is able to play there unless a member or invited by one. The game of golf requries you to dress up.

    If your a slob and thinks its ok you cant play on every course out there.
    same as any pub who refuse to serve you for some reason, always another one around the corner.

    has not anything to do with fun but if you dress up like you do on videos I expect people to complain about it. No reason you cant use a hat, a tie and some nice shoes along it and be butt naked for the rest….

  4. Calvin

    I got kicked out of a tournament in the wilds of Wakulla County Fla.
    Pro ran at a sprint from clubhouse and stopped me just before my tee-off on #1.
    I didn’t have a collar on my shirt. 🙂

    Sometimes you just have to laugh.

    • Robert Johansson

      Well the rules of the game of golf include dress code so he was right.
      I dont like it but when I play I use proper dress codes.
      When I teach I be dressed any way I like even naked if it helps.

      • Calvin

        It’s good to be right. Sometimes it’s funny too. A good friend got kicked off a course because he showed up at the 1st tee wearing the old metal spikes. The course, after 50 years of metal spikes had changed its rules to allow only soft spikes.

    • Jared


      • Calvin

        Yes. Nice little course. I haven’t played there in a few years so I don’t know what it’s like now.

  5. gps

    I’m glad “Our Country” doesn’t refer to the USA.

  6. Cog

    Every public course near me (I live in NYC) has a no-denim, collared-shirt-only dress code. And every muni also has the same policy (although enforcement varies). I’m perfectly OK with these dress codes.

    These dress codes are not about courses or players taking themselves too seriously. It is a simple show of respect for the game, for the course, and for your playing partners. I see too many hooligans out there – they think shelling out $40 for a round of golf gives them the right to show up dressed like slobs, mangle the course, drink enough booze to kill a Boy Scout troop, and throw clubs after every bad shot. If you take this game seriously (as I’m sure everyone who reads this blog does), you know that playing golf is privilege, and you conduct yourself accordingly.

  7. Jason

    Each course/club/facility, etc has a right to have their requirements to play… that’s their choice. However, Monte has a right to wear whatever he wants in his vids…and yes…he is inviting criticism from the collared shirt police, but screw em. His videos are not more or less valuable to me because of what he wears…or doesn’t wear…

    You keep doing your think Monte!

  8. Calvin

    Golf gangsta: Henley collar, metal spikes and cargo shorts..:

  9. Jason

    I get the whole “dress code shebang”……but golf, like any sport needs to move with the times if it’s going to grow. I’m lucky, the clubs I play at, the dress codes are relaxed, I can wear whatever as long as I dont wear a singlet. I think golf would have more members if dress codes were relaxed, and it would be more fun. I agree with Monte about people taking themselves way too seriously. I know if I turned looking like Payne Stuart, I’d have the piss taken out of me for years. I’m not good enough to justify dressing up when I dont have to.

  10. Stampa

    You could be buck naked or dressed as a clown for all I care….just as long as you don’t play slow!!

  11. pcb_duffer

    I fully support the right of any club to allow only the ‘right sort of people’ and to enforce their idea of a dress code. That way, I don’t have to put up with any of those schmucks at my club.

  12. Mike Divot

    Dammit, when I first came across you and saw your videos, the cargo shorts gave you a lot of credibility in my eyes.

    There’s no “look at me, I’m a Golf Pro(TM), you can tell by my Polo Shirt and my Neatly Pressed Pleated Slacks” and all the other trimmings of the snake oil golf pro.

    I thought, here’s a guy who’s been there and really knows. He’s been to golfing hell and back and he’s got the scars [cargo shorts] to prove it.

    This guy Monte is no sell-out.

    Long may you and your cargo shorts rule.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I am thrilled you feel that way, as that was my intent.

      • meateater

        I can see this both ways. Clearly you were making a statement with the way you dressed. “I am not your typical golf instructor. Go elsewhere if that is what you are looking for.”

        You have the credentials to do that. Joe Shmo out in the sticks doesn’t. At the end of the day, you’re running a business. There is something to be said for differentiating yourself, but there is also something to be said for appearing professional. Personally, I found it refreshing.

      • meateater

        Related but somewhat off topic. I have played a lot of competitive tennis. I have also played a lot of golf, but not competitively. I’ve taken lessons from top guys in tennis and club pro types in golf. My experience acorss numerous golf clubs is that golf pros tend to be total dicks. Tennis pros tend to be good guys you can hang out with. Golf pros act like they just won the U. S. Open and have a tee time with tiger.

        Is it because they are realtively good at soemthing so many people they come in contact with scuk at? Is it something about the job, or is that type of personality attracted to the job? or is it just bitterness?

        It’s one reason I buy all my golf equipment online rather than having to deal with their crap. It’s the reason I will never have another golf lesson, except with someone like Monte or Kelvin Miyahira.

    • steve

      I’ll second that!

  13. mukster

    So what is wrong with crotch high khaki’s and a large brim straw hat? 😉

  14. coops

    I liked those cargo short videos…

    I once saw a golfer in jeans. I survived.
    (mind you, it was in Midland, Texas…. and he played quickly. I was impressed)

    p.s. anyone complaining about dress standards must be able to understand the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Shouldn’t be allowed on the internet without basic grammar, that’s what I say. Harrumph.

  15. Tom McNamara

    There are Ricky Fowler wannabes that are dressed to the nines, but are completely disrespectful assholes that can’t swing a club to save their lives. I’ve also seen scratch golfers in jeans and a shirt on the course just working in their game. The dress doesn’t imply respectful play, it just sets the tone for it at a given course. I respect their rules, but I respect a person that deserves respect more, and dress has nothing to do with the equation. Respect is earned…you earned mine.


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