Proof the golfing public has been brainwashed

Now don’t take any of this to mean that, “What I say goes.”

My only point is that I say stuff and pay attention to how it’s received. How many hits a certain article gets, how many views a YouTube video gets, etc.

Then I evaluate the data from how my own personal information is received and use that as the sample to judge how the public at large receives golf information in general.

All that being the case, I just wrote an article for Golfwrx that is a hugely important subject and it has been the least active of any of the articles I have written.

The point…the mass information out there has warped the perception of what is important.

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  1. SeanB

    By least active, do you mean by reply comments?
    From following your blog, I’ve seen you present this concept.
    For me, a single digit handicap, it took some mental digesting initially.
    Just as a suggestion, I think the tilt away from target might be more easily illustrated by a picture from behind the golfer. Not down the line, or face on, but with the camera pointing at the golfers spine.
    Like this:
    camera ——–> golfer — ball
    as opposed to:
    golfer — ball <——– camera
    That way it is easier to see the relation of the right shoulder to the right foot.
    Might make it easier for people to "get" it.

  2. randombloke1


    THIS subject is the REAL secret of the golf swing.
    I’ve recently returned to the game after a 12 year hiatus. Just this one move has improved my ball striking beyond measure.
    I used to over swing thinking that it was a powerful position. The only way i could then hit the ball was to throw the clubhead at it.
    Now I’m just trying to get my right shoulder as far away from the target as I can without overturning.
    I get a much better weight shift and hit the ball far better than I did as a 39 year old flat belly even as a 51 year old with high blood pressure. I couldn’t care less about lag, all I care about is that the ball “zings” off the club face far better and more frequently than ever it did in the past.
    You are a genius.

  3. Goose

    Great article. I wish you would have warned me that my reverse tilt would be shamed! At least you’ve helped me identify the issue!

      • Goose

        Good deal, game on then. Just another thought- has that article been posted in the forums yet? I’ve been on WRX for years and rarely go anywhere but the forum section. Maybe that’s an explanation for lack of traffic.

  4. Paul

    This was a big epiphany for me when I saw your article on the blog about a month ago. If ever there was a secret in golf, and there aren’t any, this is it.

    It does feel short and almost effortless getting to the top and it also feels like a very vertical move. But here’s what it gets me:

    –proper amount of spine tilt

    –room for my arms to move into the slot which has created a ton of untapped speed

    –the lower body moving targetward as the torso stays back

    Lately, all I’ve been working on is right shoulder over right foot and your video on how the right hip should work in the downswing. Right shoulder over right foot will cure many swing faults.

    Monte, I’d put this in your top four vids: plane and release by feel, creating natural lag, and everything turns in sync.

  5. CBW

    I’ve been playing for 11 years and every year I uncover something meaningful about the swing.Shoulder and spine tilt seems to be another good find. I’ve worked on it at the range twice, it feels like I have to force myself into it(backswing)and to stay in it(down and through). I need to develop some strength and flexibility in this set of muscles. When playing today I dropped my rear shoulder down first…bad for business. Rome was not built in 2 range sessions. Es maestro bueno. Ayudame mucho. Gracias.

  6. Tom McNamara

    This makes me think of our Judo club motto…”maximum efficiency, with minimum effort, for best results in everyday life”. The more effort I put in the turn, I become less efficient and have to work a series of small miracles to get back to the ball. If I just let the backswing happen and let gravity handle the dump after the bump, I can hit the ball very nicely. I just can’t eliminate the thought that harder equals farther…

  7. Burns

    Please, don’t take the low traffic for the article negatively. I found it deeply helpful. I anticipate that article will have a significant impact for me. It also motivated me to sign up for swingfix, and once I convince myself to part with the cash, you’ll be my instructor of choice. Thanks for all you do.


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