Pre-shot Routine

There is a connotation that a pre-shot routine is supposed to be a long, drawn out, complicated process. Nothing could be further from the truth. All routine means is you do the same thing every time…which makes a long complicated routine oxymoronic…or just plain moronic.

The shorter and simpler the routine, the easier it will be to repeat.

How many people do you know that have the routine I describe in the video…and how many times have you wanted to tackle them in the middle of the routine and tell them to “PULL THE TRIGGER!!!!!!!”




  1. Calvin

    Oh heck yes. Great post.

    Set up to and hit the ball with alacrity. A mentally contrived 20 step set up routine is the worst thing you can do for your game and others mental stability.

    Trevino and Boros had it right. The only reason it’s the same every time is that they had done it thousands of times and it was habit. It wasn’t something they meticulously researched and designed.

  2. Ron

    I hate the player who takes so much time. It is as if he wants everyone to look at him as he goes through his routine.Its his time to be center of attention. If only his shots had as much precision. Yeah, I know a few characters that spend too much time with their preshot routine, And it is not necessarily the same routine. They are trying to correct the fault of their last shot.
    BTW around 4:40 you forgot to check your intermediate target! LOL

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Dang!!!!! No wonder I was an inch off at P3 and lacked 1* of pronaton.

  3. Ant Lockyer

    My routine is pretty short I think.

    Stand behind ball and pick out target.
    Take grip.
    Find something on the ball target line a couple of feet out.
    Walk in to that line aligning feet and club face.
    Look at target, look at ball, go.

    Do you think not using the intermediate target will really help? I feel pretty free with no swing thoughts right now.

  4. cdnmike

    You know what the most detrimental thing amateurs do in their preshot routine (inadvertantly)….. stare at the ball for a long time before hitting. I have seen many guys do this. They do their preshot routine, then are ready to hit the ball AND…. FREEZE. Stare at the ball for around 5 seconds, then finally pull the trigger. I can practically see the tension building and bad thoughts creeping into their heads during this time.

    As soon as you are lined up and comfortable… pull the trigger! You will hit better shots.

  5. swaff

    How about “this guy”………

    The guy who goes through the whole song and dance, lines up to the ball, gives it a mighty whack to a “scratch finish.” Because you are on the other side of the fairway, your head darts in the direction of the green, looking for a ball, but nothing is there.

    That was his practice swing…………………………

  6. Wally

    The pre shot routine was invented to fill in air time for the Television.

  7. HoldTheLag

    More people need to see this video but they won’t because you’re not a big name OR (most important!) the preview pane shows a guy on a grass field in a t-shirt and cargo shorts.

    If you’ve been around youtube for any time at all, you know the sad truth: faux nudity (or just even some nice cleavage) in the preview pane gives instant million views. (Even if the picture in the preview does not even show up in the video at all)

  8. banner12

    Agree completely Monte.

    On another note, about long driving distances and conditions you always harp on. Monday I played Lost Canyons in Simi Valley (my home course). It has not rained in forever and they are notorious for NOT watering the fairways. The wind was also blowing 25 MPH. So on the DOWNHILL 5th hole, 465 yard par 4, my tee shot ended up pin high. Usually I’m hitting a 5 iron for my 2nd shot. On the next hole, a 545 yard par 5, I was 105 from the hole for my 2nd shot when it is usually a 3 shot hole for me.

    So when you hear about amazing driving distances from your friends ALWAYS ask questions…

  9. Jason

    …..or when you see a 5 minute pre shot routine and they top it 100 metres along the ground………


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