Poultry in motion

The single and double chicken wing can be the bane of even low handicappers.

People say golf instruction is often about what not to do instead of what to do. Well, here you go. You need to create room for your arms to swing and you won’t have a chicken wing or two. I gave few examples in the video.

The generic answer is create more room for your arms to swing around your body and that will be an individual thing on what you are doing wrong.

Here is a video showing how it happens.




  1. rojoass

    the “wings” show up when the rotation stalls. A stall means there’s no “room” to get to the impact so you short arm it.


  2. woody

    Cute title.

    For another take on it, the reason there’s not enough room to swing is that people percieve it as an arm swing…there’s no body rotation. I don’t think you can chicken-wing if your arms aren’t leading.

    By the way, I figured out what you mean by “vertical shoulder turn.” Here’s a video by Tom Watson: The way I’d characterize it is that he switched from an arm-shoulder swing to body rotation.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piHHfKxNP9w&feature=endscreen&NR=1 (0:57) Tom Watson

  3. wally

    by chichen wing, do you mean both arms bent at impact like “Jamie Sadlowski”. Works for him

    • woody

      If I wondered why Sadlowski has somewhat of a distinctive look, the first place I’d look is his grip.

      Both arms bent at impact should work for anyone because a goal shouldn’t be to have a straight left arm at impact. If the clubface is turning over through impact, then it’s logical that the arms should be too.

      You have to be careful looking at pictures of impact. Due to the closure rate of the camera shutter and the speed of the shaft, these pictures can be out of sync. If you see a picture of impact where the club has shot ahead of the shaft to get to the ball, then the golfer’s body is not really at impact.

  4. cdnmike

    MMmmmmmmmmmmmm…… chicken wings. Honey garlic and hot….. I’m hungry.

  5. Doug Benner

    Monte – your videos and explanations are great – easy to understand, not pretentious, and to the point. Always very helpful.

    In contrast, I found a syllabus online for a two day golf workshop run by a very well known swing “guru” (or is it “swingcrack dealer”?). This is only a small sampling of topics to be studied and mastered. In two days. For $550.

    – 21 Principles that govern all golf strokes
    – The Twelve Sections of the stroke and how to translate precision mechanics to feel
    – How to use the Flat Left Wrist and its three โ€˜feelsโ€™ to control the club face
    – How to create and sustain Lag Pressure Point pressure — The Secret of Golf โ€“โ€“ to control the clubhead
    – Using the Delivery Line and Delivery Path concepts to guide the clubhead and hands from the top to the finish
    – How to use the three basic Plane Lines and their nine different target line-stance line combinations for complete body and ball control
    – Achieving mechanical advantage using the Law of the Flail and the Endless Belt Effect
    – The six essentials of a correct pivot
    – Three loading actions and five release triggers
    – A 45-item checklist for all strokes, including four alignments for a perfect Start-up, seven alignments for a perfect Top, six alignments for a perfect Impact, and five alignments for a perfect finish.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Monte. There’s a whole lotta crap out there.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Someone should beat that guy to death with a hybrid headcover.

      • Calvin

        ๐Ÿ™‚ Or one of those endless belts.


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