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How does it make you all feel that Lucas Glover went from near the lead to the back of the pack?

Between #16 of round three and #4 of round four, he had a seven hole stretch where he was +9.

I am sure none of you were happy he had such a hard time, but it shows you it can happen to anyone. Even a Tour player in contention at a major golf event.

That bounce McDowell got on #18 of round three was very unfortunate.

I have a few thoughts on Tiger. IMO, that stack and tilt hybrid swing needs to go. That is putting pressure on his knee and Achilles. He needs to scrap all of this nonsense and go to the range and find a swing that doesn’t hurt. Even if it’s a swing that he has to hang back and throw his right hand at it. He wins with short game and he needs to get back to that and just find a swing that takes pressure off his knee…and “staying centered” is not that swing.

KJ Choi shows you can have a funky move, but be great with a swing that has great rhythm.

Graeme McDowell shows you can have a funky move and be great if you turn in sync.

DL III shows you can still play well into your 40’s if you wear really ugly pants that were sold at a yard sale in 1977.

I have hope that half of the first page of the leaderboard early on Sunday are guys that are the same age or older than me.

Toms was in a no win situation on 16…for the media and public. He hit a bad shot…big deal, happens all the time. Had he played safe and lost everyone would be criticizing him for being too conservative.

IMO, the percentage of trying to win always beats trying not to lose. In all sports. Laying up with a 1 shot lead on 16 would be like play a prevent defense up 3 points with 4 minutes left.

He did the right thing and hit a bad shot…BIG DEAL!!!!




  1. Mike Z

    Agree on DLII’s pants. At first I thought they were Pajamas.

    Any thoughts on Toms’ decision to go for the green on 16?

      • banner12

        Disagree on Toms. At that point he’s not going to make eagle so he needs to decide where he wants to hit his 3rd shot from. Getting close from the left rough or long is no picnic, but a wedge from under 100 yards is ideal. Not to mention he takes 6 out of the equation.

  2. Dion

    You’re in no position to talk about ugly pants! LOL

  3. Calvin D

    You’re right about Toms. I wish he had pulled that 3 wood a little.
    The iron he hit out of the divot was great. What a range of emotion golf delivers.

  4. s.

    “KJ Choi shows you can have a funky move, but be great with a swing that has great rhythm.”

    This is from 2008. I don’t see the funky move. Maybe somebody can clue me in. (2:57)

    • Brett Picotte

      I noticed it. He seemed to have an extra move in his backswing, perhaps a little extra lift move. It wasn’t the smooth swing you posted. That’s what I saw anyway. I’m sure Monte can be more specific.

      • Brett Picotte
  5. David

    As an S+T er myself I couldn’t agree with you more – what Foley is teaching him will definitely put a lot of extra pressure on that left knee. Still find it very strange that someone whose main problem his whole career is “getting the club stuck behind him ” should go to a model with such a flat backswing !

  6. BernardP

    Monte, I agree with your comments regarding Tiger’s swing. He must realize that after almost a year of experimentation with a major swing change, he has not improved.

    The clock is ticking for Tiger if he wants to beat Nicklaus’ major record. He has already lost a year and seems to be going nowhere.

    I have always been skeptical of S&T, as it seems to be a fight against natural instincts. No baseball pitcher would think of changing his motion along similar lines.

    Mike Weir has probably destroyed his career by switching to S&T.

    Tiger should jettison all mechanical thoughts and work on instinctively finding his own natural swing compatible with his current physical state.

  7. Brett Picotte

    I’ll bet Tiger is one of the hardest people to contact in the world. But, I would love to send a “You need Monte for a swing coach” email if there was a way to contact him. Just sayin’.

  8. business review

    …..There is a very common problem among a large percentage of middle to high handicap golfers that I call the practice swing phenomenon. It seems clear that this would not be effective and in most cases it is not. What I believe to be happening with golfers that have a problem reproducing the positive features of their practice swings is that when they step up to the ball now that there is a result in the balance and .the additional visual demand on the brain of the ball the majority of the awareness is now taken away from what the golfer is feeling and put into what they are seeing anticipating or anxious about.


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