Someone posted this and I thought it would be good for discussion.

“Ask yourself where you move the club in relation to where you want the ball to go – instead of where you move the club in relation to your body.”

I will chime in when solicited.




  1. Calvin

    OK that’s good. I want the ball to fly off on a tangent to the arc of my clubhead.

  2. bobs34

    I think I’m the opposite. I was kind of following rojoass’ advice about turning through the shot aka Sorenstam but I refined it some just before Christmas by turning through the shot with just my rib cage. My shoulders, arms, and hands are totally passive to the turn of my rib cage. (your advice about not using the hands in the take-away in my lesson) I want to feel like the right side of my rib cage is facing the ball before I hit it. Call it covering the ball, getting in front of it, whatever, but I’m compressing it like never before and it’s going straight. Total free rotation w/no worry of staying behind the ball or coming over the top. I have no conscious idea of what my arms and hands are doing whether in relation to where I want the ball to go or in relation to my body. I guess my subconscious/propreoception kicks in… My golf swing is pretty much back to what it was 5 or 6 years ago before I got addicted….

    • rojoass

      Hey Bob……….it’s freedom as I define it. I no longer worry about “where everything is”

      When I miss a shot I don’t start flipping pages looking in my notes fore a “cure” (another fix)

      I just go hit the next one

    • woody

      Thanks for the confirmation of what I think is happening…shoulders, arms, and hands are totally passive…free rotation w/no worry of staying behind the ball or coming over the top…no conscious idea of what my arms and hands are doing…

  3. Ron

    Hmm, “Ask yourself where you move the club in relation to where you want the ball to go” sounds pretty good. However, I feel the club/arms (I see the club and arms as a unit) and the body move as one. Thinking about them separately breaks the swing into parts instead of one smooth dynamic move. Thinking about parts of the swing gives you too many swing thoughts to process during the swing. It happens so fast. Your arm and body need to work as one to send the ball to the target.

    I believe the thought process is what is the feel of the arm/club and body I need to send my ball to the target.

    Make sense?

    • Christian

      I agree. Thinking about the club in relation to the ball sounds like a good way to get disconnected. Maybe, “where you move your *body* in relation to where you want the ball to go” would be better for me.

  4. WIll

    For me, my ballstriking improved a ton when I just think in terms of the clubhead, the ball, and ballflight, especially on the downswing. Doesn’t work for everyone, and is likely a bad idea for some. But thinking about my body, either in relation to the club or in relation to its own positioning in space, ends up killing my contact.

    The only time that I’m going to really focus on my body is in the presence of a trained pro; I tend to overdo the things I’m trying to accomplish. If I just try to get the clubhead on the ball, keeping the flight I want in mind, my body does a pretty good job getting where it needs to be to make that happen.

  5. woody

    I’m with Rojass. I don’t care where the club is because all I want it to do is show up at impact.

    I want centrifugal force, not brute force. Hold it like a baby bird. I’m gonna let hand-eye coordination take care of the club business.

    As for working the ball, I get too much fun out of hitting them straight. The thought of working it to a back-right pin isn’t in my thought process. At my level, I’ll take the fat part of the green.

    • Jabrch (Jason)

      I’m with Woody on this entirely. Don’t overthink intermediate positions. Setup right. Get to impact right, and let the rest take care of itself.

      And I definitely agree on working the ball. Find a part of the green where you can two putt at worst. You will be fine.

  6. Doug Benner

    I think this could be interpreted as one of those feel versus real concepts.

    I want the ball to go straight. Therefore I think of taking the clubhead straight back from the ball with a one-piece takeaway (which rebounds from a slight forward press). This keeps my hands in front of my chest the whole way to the top of the backswing. From there I think about keeping my head back and extending the clubhead straight through the impact zone and finishing with my hands high.

    I know that the actual swing is an arc, and straight back-straight through doesn’t really happen (at least not for much of the total swing, especially after impact), but if I don’t think “straight” I end up yanking the club inside on the takeaway and spinning my right shoulder out on the downswing.

  7. Calvin

    Visual perception at address is problematic for golfers. The ball will start off on a tangent to the arc at impact. Most golfers shoulders will be open at impact and the arc will be parallel to their shoulders sending the ball left ( for some of us it will then slice back to the right). 🙂 The visual thing is that “straight” is a bit more to the right than your eyes will be telling you at address. That’s where all that “inside out” swing crack comes from. If you can correctly identify where “straight” is at address your body will accommodate your swing. Get your perceptions right and turn it over to your subconscious.

  8. Wally

    sounds like a diet fad to me

  9. swaff

    I want the ball to go straight towards the target.

    I have been practicing with a 2 X 4 slightly outside the ball. If I hit the ball without hitting the board, the ball will more than likely go towards the target. What is happening is the club is going straight down the target line a few inches behind and in front of the ball, which is really all that matters.

    Getting that part fixed has corrected other issues. I don’t think about “positions” anymore, just “don’t hit the board” which keeps my right arm (lefty) connected to my torso.

  10. Jason

    “Ask yourself where you move the club in relation to where you want the ball to go – instead of where you move the club in relation to your body.”

    Yes this is right and it all begins in the setup, fade or draw. Then zero manipulation as your setup will allow you to swing towards that target.

  11. Dave

    I think you guys think to much. It’s a golf swing not quantum physics.

  12. Jason

    Um Dave Monte is all about getting away from thinking too much.


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